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Danner Tactical Boots Review | The Overall Look

If you are going to enlist in the military, you probably won’t be unfamiliar with Danner’s military boots.

If you are looking for a good pair of work boots, Danner will probably be the first brand name many others recommend to you.

Danner boots have been present in the lives of the American people for nearly a century, since 1932.

Originating from Portland, Oregon, Danner has always been the pride of the Americans for the top-quality handcraft “made in the USA” boots.

Danner was first known for creating and selling logging boots in 1932, especially for working women.

Their business flourished during World War II, as they started to manufacture military boots for US soldiers as well as work boots for workers.

Today, Danner boot lines have expanded over the years, ranging from military boots, tactical boots to lifestyle boots for both men and women.

Their main priority remains to focus on the boot lines that provide full protection for hard workers and tactical operators.

For those who are looking for a good pair of tactical boots, we all know that Danner is best known for their excellent performance.

So this boot line will be our primary focus on this review article.

Danner Tactical Boots Review | Are Danner boots worth the money?

The first thing to clarify before answering this question is that Danner boots are not cheap.

Danner tactical boots usually have a comparatively high average price-tag.

Some other high-end models cost twice as much depending on the materials and craftsmanship performance of the product.

It is also the highest-priced line of all Danner categories. And of course, there must be good reasons for this.

Berry Compliant approved

Most Danner tactical boots have received stringent Berry Compliant standards provided by the Federal Trade Commission.

This certificate confirms the very reliable and genuine quality of boots.

The standard requires every part of the product to be sourced from the US. This further shows how well the boot is crafted from top to bottom.

Danner tactical boots review

Quality Full-leather upper

Almost handcrafted Danner tactical boots are often made of quality full-grain leather.

The brand will do 6 different leather tests before deciding, making Danner tactical boots a symbol of endurance and strength.

The chosen leather type should always be the most durable and sturdy full-grain type of all.

For that reason, Danner tactical boots can last up to a few years or even a decade with good care.

Danner also provides a 365-day warranty if your purchase does not meet their outgoing standards or is faulty in any way.

Some high-end tactical boots are provided with Recraftable Service (including part replacement, leather care, and re-stitching) to extend the boot longevity.

Advance Gore-Tex lining

This inventive Gore-Tex lining technology applied to make tactical boots focuses on producing excellent waterproof, and breathable fabric membrane.

As a result, it will ensure no liquid or water gets in while providing sweat-wicking, and moisture-wicking features for wearers in all-weather conditions.

You will feel your boots perfectly lightweight while keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Vibram® innovative rubber outsole

The tactical boot outsole plays a big role in ankle support and heel protection.

Danner tactical boots specifically feature superb quality rubber compounds that guarantee the highest level of shock absorption, stability, and great traction on different slippery surfaces.

This outsole is also oil-resistant, slip-resistant, and provides great balance for those who often commute in the industrial production areas.

The Vibram TC4T compound is added to newly-boot lines for better durability.

The cushioning Vibram® outsole also helps fight against foot fatigue, blisters, and sprains during long trail runs or long marches.

Lace-to-toe vamp design

Not many manufacturers of tactical boots / military boots use the same dense lace-to-toe vamp design as Danner tactical boots.

This design provides the wearer with a perfect fit and a durable feel when climbing, running through the jungle or walking on rough surfaces.

Each boot usually has the number of 8-10 eyelets, half of those are provided with extremely strong metal latches for good protection and better cleanliness.

The overall look is perfectly sleek and professional with a premium black leather design in the same color as the bootlaces.

The design also features speed-lacing to allow the wearer to get ready quickly with one swift tug while ensuring tightened toe to top.


This can be quite challenging to find the balance between lightweight construction and durability when it comes to professional tactical boots.

Danner solves this problem by blending between full-grain leather and 500/1000 Denier Nylon to get the lightest strength-to-weight ratios while still ensuring excellent durability and flexibility.

As a result, you can get yourself more athletic-looking tactical boots without weighing your every steps down.

If you are looking for such a boot, then the Danner Tachyon tactical boot can be the best choice for you.

Foot, toe, and arch support

Much improved over traditional military boots, Danner tactical boots are designed in smoother fitting forms and lightweight, helping to reduce foot fatigue at the end of the day.

The insole uses overlapping fabric to create a suitable level of thick cushion for each different type of tactical boots, preventing your feet from blisters all day long.

However, a few customers have responded to us that the Danner tactical boots seem to lack arch support, causing them to feel stiff and uncomfortable in this area after a period of wearing their boots.

To give you a more comprehensive look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Danner tactical boots line, we have carefully researched and compared the features of the boots in the table shown below.

Hope it will help you with your choice of shopping and use.

CharacteristicsEditor’s Rating
Appearance⭐⭐⭐⭐ (a very professional look)
Ankle support⭐⭐⭐⭐
Toe, heel support⭐⭐⭐⭐
Arch support⭐⭐⭐
User’s real experience⭐⭐⭐⭐
Customer service⭐⭐⭐
Price⭐⭐ (the price tag is relatively high)

Finally, the answer to the question “Are tactical boots worth the money?” is Yes. However, in general, Danner boots are usually priced relatively high.

Therefore, you can choose from different types of boots that suit your budget and purpose. But Danner’s most expensive tactical boots are worth your penny.

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Reviews of some Danner tactical boot lines

For a more detailed look at Danner’s tactical boots, we’ll review some of their signature tactical boot lines.

Let’s scroll down to get some of our reliable reviews about Danner tactical boots, military boots, and work boots as below:

Danner USAF TFX tactical boots review

This Danner USAF TFX military boot is one of the most powerful tactical boots when you have to stay on hot and tough missions.

Its Sage Green shade may not be ideal to satisfy AR670-1 compliant, but it provides the highest level of durability and moderate lightweight.

The 8-inch boot features rough-out full-grain leather with plain toe for better protection.

It is specially made with a 100% aggressive TFX lightweight rubber sole to give wearers excellent stability and great grip.

The Dri-Lex lining enhances rapid sweat-wick, moisture-wick as well as air exchange inside the boot to keep your feet dry and comfy all day long.

This iconic lace-to-toe design with 10 durable eyelets provides better fit and foot support.


  • Excellent foot protection, ankle support, and toe support
  • Great durability
  • Great handcraft performance


  • Some may feel the boots a bit stiff
  • Moderate lightweight

Danner Tactical Wildland Boots review

The boot’s fire-resistant leather upper makes the boots a perfect option for wildland protectors who often face accident forest fires.

This boot line has satisfied the strict standards of ASTM F2892-11 EH, NFPA 1977 to become one of the safest work boots today due to its fire-resistant, electrical shock-resistant, and slip-resistant features.

The boot has a breathable mesh lining to prevent heat up inside, especially when you are working around the fire and sparks.

Its oil-and-slip-resistant rubber outsole has also met OSHA safety standards.

The 365-day warranty from Danner is provided to unconditionally exchange the detective boots in any way.


  • Fire-resistant leather for better protection
  • Available extended sizes for a better fit
  • Vibram® S587 Fire & Ice outsole for excellent traction and grip for rugged terrains


  • Moderate arch support

Danner wildland tactical firefighter boots review

Danner 8-inch wildland tactical firefighter boots come in 2 designs: smooth-out black leather and EH certificated black leather.

Both are perfectly waterproof and non-insulated. The boots can last for a couple of years or more depending on how you use and take care of them.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from real customers that appreciate comfort, foot support, and endurance after years of wearing the boots.

However, some people may have problems with the leather that gets stretched out quite fast.

Danner Lookout Tactical Boots reviews

If you are looking for the most flexible Danner tactical boots, this Lookout line is for you.

Danner lookout tactical boots guarantee the best-in-class durability and support right out of the box.

This boot line is available in 6 designs, is 5.5-8 inches tall, and is best suited for athletes or outdoorsmen.

They are waterproof, excellent cushioning, and perfect comfortability.

The combination of full-grain leather and ripstop nylon upper provides you with one of the most lightweight tactical boots.

This line features a Danner Dry liner that repels moisture and sweat away for all-season comfort.

They also enhance excellent foot support and break-in reduction due to dual-density foot-bed, soft memory foam insole, and cushion tongue.

The size zipper makes it convenient to quickly release your boot.

Danner’s comfort outsole also delivers a great level of traction and maneuverability.

If you are searching for winter Lookout boots, Danner Lookout 8″ Insulated 800G tactical boots are for you.


  • Oil-and-slip resistant outsole
  • 5 among 6 designs are non-insulated
  • Outstanding comfortability and durability


  • This line is not provided with Recraftable Service.
  • Moderate arch support

Danner Acadia review

This boot line is one of the most iconic well-made Danner tactical boots that feature their inherited stitch-down construction. This construction technically increases stability underfoot and superior durability.

All of 7 Acadia Danner tactical boot designs have met Berry-Compliant to satisfy any of your demanding requirements relating to their “made-in-USA” quality.

The line is made of polishable full-grain leather blended with 1000 Denier Nylon Upper to build up an outstanding lightweight and durable boot.

The ASTM F2413-18 M I/75 C/75 EH standards-approved non-metallic composite toe (MMT) does not conduct heat or cold, causing the foot to be affected by the outside environment.

Vibram® Kletterlift outsole features excellent shock absorption, oil-and-slip resistance while giving superb comfort, great traction, and stability.

If you are looking for middle-insulation Danner Acadia tactical boots, Acadia 8″ Insulated 400G, Acadia 8″ Insulated 200G and Fort Lewis 10″ Insulated 200G (the U.S. Army Forces Command-approved) are your best options.

Table could not be displayed.


  • Genuine made-in-USA tactical boot handcraft performance
  • Recraftable Service provided
  • Excellent lightweight and durability


  • Moderate waterproof
  • Only available in black color

Other questions

Is Danner a good brand?

Yes, Danner is one of the few most trusted made-in-the-US tactical boot manufacturers, in terms of quality and innovative features.

Their brand has flourished for nearly a century as many Americans have been familiar with Danner boots since they were children.

Danner Footwear develops a wide range of product lines to serve all types of customers from young to old and from amateur to professional.

Each pair of their boots could last for years with good care.

Danner tactical boots review

How long do Danner boots take to break in?

In fact, Danner boots usually don’t take too much time to break-in.

Some Danner boots, such as Danner Lookout tactical boots, feature the Danner Comfort System (DCS) that delivers best-in-class support and cushioning right from the moment you open the box.

Therefore, the time to break in the new boots will be less than 1 week.

In general, Danner tactical boots are one of the most famous boot brands that pay attention to the smooth experience of their customers.

So they always work to improve boot construction better as well as choosing soft material to reduce tender feet, blisters, and abrasions during the break-in period.

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Is Danner American made? Are Danner boots made in China?

Danner boots are truly American-made, there are no made-in-China Danner boots out there.

If you find any Danner boots that are made in China, they are 100% counterfeit or imitations.

However, there are a few Danner boots lines such as Wildland Tactical Firefighter that uses some imported components to make the boot.

And this information is completely public on their official website.

Are Danner tactical boots true to size?

We have received several feedbacks from real users that the product they got is not too different in size from online to reality.

The Danner Wildland Tactical Firefighter tactical boots are also provided with extended sizes to reach a wider range of customers, as they are specialized tactical boots used for wildland firefighters.

Most Danner tactical boots are quite comfortable for the wearer’s feet.

However, if you encounter the situation of buying the wrong product size, the brand also provides an exchange policy without any conditions.

Are Danner Boots good for snow?

Some Danner tactical boots are made for wearing in winter or for snow. Most Danner tactical boots are non-insulated.

However, if you are looking for a snow tactical boot, Danner 800G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation is the way to go.

These are high-performance winter/snow tactical boots that you will find your feet much comfy and warm without weighing you down when wearing these boots.

The boot also features snow-proof and oil-and-slip resistance that is perfect to protect your feet thoroughly during the winter/snow.

If you’re looking for a good tactical boot that will work well in sub-zero temperature, opt for a pair of 8-10 inches tall that will greatly help keep your feet warm.

Danner tactical boots review

Who sells Danner boots?

In fact, you can find all the Danner boots products and the updates of new products on their official website:

They also offer online purchases from around the world.

In case their service still does not satisfy you as you wish, then you can search for Danner boots products on their booth at Amazon for clearer and more professional shipping and delivery times.

If you live in the US now, you can also find Danner boots at Walmart.

For more detailed information on where you can purchase products, we encourage you to visit their website to read the correct information.

How to lace Danner tactical boots?

Most Danner tactical boots usually have 8-10 eyelets, making the wearer feel really confused about how to lace the boots well.

In fact, lacing your tactical boot may take a bit more time than regular running shoes but it does provide better grip and fit for professional tactical operators.

Don’t know how to lace the tactical boots?

Here are the 5 most-common lacing methods you can give it a try: standard criss-cross, X lacing, bar lacing, ladder lacing and army lacing.

Tactical boots with dense lace-to-toe vamp design are perfectly fitting with 8-10 durable eyelets provided. Besides, you can look for a side-zip part if you want a more flexible, breathable, and easier take-off-and-get-into process.

Before you leave

Danner tactical boots are always the perfect choice when you’re looking for the American finest quality handcrafted boots.

However, Danner boots are also relatively expensive compared to how much money average Americans can spend on a pair of boots.

If you’re looking for a pair of good boots for tactical operations on harsh and dangerous terrains, Danner boots will be the best companion to protect your feet while providing you with a lightweight, durable and comfortable experience.

We hope you find our review helpful to your buying decision.

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