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16 Best Cold Weather Tactical Boots in 2023

Have you ever thought that any pair of boots could be worn well in cold weather? You just need to put on a pair of thick woolen socks (or double the socks) underneath the boots, so that it can play a trick on the low temperatures outside.

It is not true! It is important to know that cold weather is not just all about environmental temperatures. It also brings along rains, snows, or ice that put your feet at a higher risk of frostbite, chilblains, and other cold-weather foot sicknesses.

Besides, wet conditions that occur during cold weather cause high risks of slips and falls that drive to serious workplace injuries.

I believe you don’t want to end up with your hard-earned money on hospital fees this way or any way. These are reasons why you need a completely different pair of boots for cold weather.

Since cold-weather boots are seen as the most strategic footwear purchase of the year, you should consider tactical boots when it comes to buying a pair of multipurpose footwear.

Tactical boots are versatile to do whatever you plan, whether it is working, hiking, patrolling, and even being worn as badass fashion items.

A good pair of tactical boots for cold weather requires special features that can help fight against coldness effectively.

We have researched the best options for you today.

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How to choose tactical boots for cold weather?

We wouldn’t equate “cold weather” with “normal cold weather”, “snowy weather” or “icy sub-zero weather”.

It is important to clarify these conditions before choosing appropriate tactical boots.

Each of these situations requires certain special features that we now will take a closer look at right away.

Thinsulate insulation fiber

Thinsulate insulation is an advanced heat-retaining fiber used extensively in the linings of tactical boots that are made for cold weather or snowy environments to keep feet warm.

Most polyester fibers can retain heat. But Thinsulate fiber is more advanced but is thinner than most polyester fibers.

They have a higher heat-retention capacity but do not extend the volume and area of the material as much as traditional polyester fabrics do.

This is because Thinsulate fibers are more effective by increasing the density of fibers which promotes heat retention but does not increase the size of the fabric.

The smaller the gaps between the fibers, the less heat flows, but still allows moisture to escape more effectively.

The thermal resistance of Thinsulate fiber varies, depending on the density and construction of the fabric.

When learning about this feature, you can see a lot of information like 200G, 400G, 800G, or 1200G Thinsulate on the tag of the tactical boots. The higher the number, the better the heat retention.


I know most of us will prefer a cold and dry winter instead of a cold, wet season. But when the temperature drops, it will create conditions for sudden snowfall or drizzle, causing humid conditions for many long months, even until the end of winter.

Therefore, the waterproof feature is really vital when buying tactical boots for cold weather.

A pair of tactical boots should be good at water repellency from the outside. This is reflected in the gapless construction between the parts of the boot when assembled together.

In addition, the boot can be coated with a waterproof coating to increase water resistance.

If water can still get under the outer leather, the boots should be equipped with an additional lining just below the outer, preventing water from penetrating the feet (this lining usually uses a Gore-Tex membrane).

This feature helps protect feet from cold or blisters caused by water/humidity penetrating deep inside.

At the same time, it also protects the internal components of the boots from damage caused by water accumulation.

Non-slip outsole

This is a vital and must-have feature for any cold-weather tactical boot.

Low temperatures, rain, and snow create slippery surfaces such as snow, wet cement, or frozen surfaces due to negative temperatures, which can easily cause falls and injuries, especially if you are constantly on the road all day.

A tactical boot with a water, oil, and snow-resistant rubber outsole is ideal for working in cold and sleet weather.

Good anti-slip boot outsoles often possess deep grooves to increase friction and wear resistance when in contact with all kinds of surfaces. In addition, tread pattern design is also very important.

The arrow-shaped, short dashes tread patterns placed around the edges increase friction, especially in the front and behind. While circular and hexagonal tread patterns in the middle help spread force evenly when jumping, running, or walking on boots.

If a job like law enforcement, security guard or hunter requires a constant change of movement, then you should stick to multi-directional tread patterns, which increase the friction all the way when changing the way of movement.

High collar boots

High-collar boots will be warmer than low-cut boots, that’s for sure. They not only help protect ankles and legs from heat transfer or splashes from the outside but also increases the ability to keep warm inside in winter or cold conditions.

If your job requires standing or running continuously, high-collar boots are a perfect choice.

But if your job requires you to sit, climb or move around the ankles a lot, I think low collar/ low cut tactical boots (less than 6.5-inch shaft height) are still more convenient and flexible, in a way.

Composite toes

If you’re looking for a cold-weather tactical work boot, the composite toes feature is a top safety factor to consider.

This material is light and does not conduct heat or electricity like steel toe caps. They also insulate well to reduce heat flow from the inside of the boot to the outside.

Although steel caps are cheaper and more commonly used in military boots or heavy-duty work boots, the bone-chilling cold of metal in low temperatures will make your feet quickly numb and gradually develop health problems in your legs and joints, if not adjusted in time.

In addition to composite toe caps, you also have other options such as TPU toe caps or hard plastic toe caps.

These materials are cheaper but will not guarantee impact resistance and compression resistance good enough for the safety of the foot while working, like on construction sites.

Non-mesh upper

If tactical boots for hot weather need a mesh upper to increase ventilation from the inside out, it seems that tactical boots for cold weather don’t really need this feature.

Mesh upper helps reduce the weight of the boots while increasing breathability from the outside to the inside. This will make it easier for cold air from the environment to penetrate the inside of the boots and seep into the feet, causing cold feet and frostbite.

So if you don’t use mesh fabric, what material can you use to reduce the weight of your boots without getting cold feet? The answer is Nylon fabric with high density (Denier).

This material is extremely durable, water-resistant, and heat-resistant from the outside to the inside of the boots. They are also very light in weight. But a big point of negative competition is its high price.

Waterproof lining

Waterproof lining such as Gore-tex membrane occupies a large space beneath the outer leather of tactical boots. They have a great waterproof effect that prevents water from seeping into the feet, creating a water-resistant barrier right under the outer leather.

This lining also somewhat hinders the outflow of heat from the inside to the outside, causing cold feet.

For cold-weather tactical boots, the waterproof lining also helps to absorb moisture and perspiration coming from the feet. This helps to prevent foot odor or molds caused by moisture from inside.

If you need a pair of tactical boots that are both warm and breathable, this feature should not be ignored.

Padded collar

Whether it is a high collar or low-cut tactical boots, your footwear must possess a padded collar. A padded collar helps the boots hold the feet better, reducing the space between the foot and the boot.

This contributes to reducing heat loss through the gaps between the foot and the boot. In addition, the padded collar will have thick/thin padding here, creating a smooth fulcrum for bare skin when rubbing continuously inside of the boot’s collar.

As a result, your experience with the boots will be more comfortable and productive.


Lightweight is essential, especially when losing a few ounces per step when walking on meter-long snow is more useful than ever.

But the reason why we put lightweight at the bottom of our feature lists today is that we want you to understand that lightweight sometimes won’t necessarily mean a warm enough effect to wear in extremely cold conditions.

But under normal cold conditions, lightweight is needed for having happy feet without fatigue and pain at the end of the day.

You can expect this feature to be optimized on tactical boots using Denier Nylon fabrics, Thinsulate Insulation fabric, or composite/TPU/hard plastic toe caps.

16 Best Tactical Boots for cold weather in 2021

We have gathered around these 16 best tactical boots options for certain activities in cold weather. Hope you find what you need here.

1. Best tactical boots for cold weather overall

When evaluating a pair of tactical boots for cold weather, the best overall must have the following criteria: good price for the money, keeping warm in normal cold weather conditions, and multi-use features.

Most tactical boots for cold weather are quite expensive.

Because as we said above, this type of boots requires some pretty special features to withstand the deep cold temperatures of the environment. But if these tactical boots are at good prices and still provide proper warmth for the feet in low temperatures, this is a big plus.

The best cold-weather tactical boots overall should have an upper that uses lightweight, advanced materials but can retain heat and avoid heat loss from the inside such as High Denier Nylon.

Keep in mind that the larger the number, the better the water resistance, durability, and heat retention will be in cold conditions.

This type of tactical boots should be multi-functional to walk, run, climb or stand all day without making your feet fatigued at the end of the day.

Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boot

These Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots are something you can resist having during normal cold seasons. They feature a 900D Nylon upper that is likely to provide gapless between fibers.

This results in preventing the cold air from the outside from penetrating the feet, causing cold feet or frostbite. It makes the boots heavenly lightweight as well for having happy feet at the end of the day.

This feature is helpful for those who have to chase targets/someone down the road for a long distance.

Under Armour Men's Stellar Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 8
Click image for more information on Amazon

The outsole grips well on wet, mossy, or even icy surfaces with multi-directional tread patterns. In normal cold weather (from 10 degrees Celsius to above) you can confidently wear the boots without your feet getting cold and numb.

Those who have to do patrolling or security services up to 14 hours a day can feel very satisfied wearing these boots.

But it is important to tell you that the boots may take quite a bit of time to break in completely (even for weeks and months).

In addition, the polishable toe can get scuffed easily if you work on concrete or construction sites frequently.

Many said the boots hold up pretty well when stepping on fresh snow and icy surfaces. That is a good thing, isn’t it!?


  • Quality, lightweight DWR leather and 900D Nylon upper
  • Non-slipping rubber outsole on icy and wet surfaces
  • Decent black polishable toes for uniformity
  • Lightweight TPU shanks


  • Moderate durability.

2. Best tactical boots for sub-zero temperatures

The most important feature for your tactical boots to be useful in negative temperatures is Thinsulate insulation fiber, waterproof, and the boot’s construction that retains heat well from the inside.

When the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, this is favorable conditions for frost and snow to occur. Thinsulate fibers ensure both necessary lightness when walking in the snow as well as keeping the feet warm in the best way.

They also help reduce heat loss from the inside but still facilitate ventilation, so that the feet don’t produce bad odors at all.

Waterproofing is very important when you will have to walk on these boots in snow or on icy surfaces all the way around. Being waterproof from the outside will help prevent water and moisture from reaching the feet, causing cold feet or frostbite.

The good thermal construction of tactical boots comes from a combination of the shaft height, gapless between the boots and legs, and effective inner linings that retain heat well. The 8-10 inches shaft height with padded collar is necessary.

Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-tex Insulated Waterproof Boot

Trust me, there are not many things to complain about these Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-tex Insulated Waterproof tactical boots when wearing them in sub-zero temperatures. The 200G Thinsulate insulation gives an absolute warmth in frozen conditions.

Your feet are well-protected from numbness and frostbite due to snow and cold-chilling cold air. But they are still lightweight to provide comfortable and energetic movements whether it is patrolling, hunting, fishing, or running in snowy conditions.

Bates Men's GX-8 Gore-Tex Insulated Waterproof Boot, Black, 11 M US
Click image for more information on Amazon

The padded collar and mid-calf shaft give no gap between the legs and the boots, contributing to preventing heat loss effectively. The boots hold up pretty well when walking through hard snowfalls or dense vegetation.

Many admitted that the boots may be a bit pricey but their experience can tell they will last longer than cheap ones.

The deep-grooved rubber outsole is highly grippy on ice and snowy surfaces. So you can feel worry-free walking down mossy, icy, sandy, muddy, or water terrains without the least risk of falls and slips.

The Gore-tex lining works hard to keep your feet sweating either in cold or warm conditions. Last but not least, the boots are waterproof and can withstand ankle-height water.


  • Quality, lightweight leather and textile upper
  • 200G Thinsulate fiber
  • Waterproof construction
  • Gore-tex lining for waterproofness and heat retention
  • Padded collar for extra comfort
  • Excellent grippy rubber outsole on snow and ices


  • The side zipper may not work well in cold conditions.

3. Best tactical boots for hiking in cold weather

What are things you need to look for in the best tactical boots for hiking in cold weather? Lightweight, ankle & arch support, heat retention, and non-slip outsole are priorities.

Lightweight boots make it easier to walk all day on steep roads or mountain slopes. This feature also contributes to increasing energy return to reduce pains and fatigue at the end of the day. Lightweight footwear also makes your feet more flexible when climbing or running on long day trails.

Ankle & arch support play a decisive role in how far you go on a hiking trip.

Your tactical boots need proper, lightweight shanks to give stability and balance while providing support for the low arch and normal arch types. The added heel pad provides better support for ankles while hiking.

The 8-20 inches shaft height usually gives better heat retention.

In low temperatures, rain can happen at any time causing slush everywhere, especially if you plan to hike in the jungles or mountains. Rubber outsoles must have deep grooves and multi-directional tread patterns to increase friction and adhesion on wet leaf surfaces, moist vegetation, or slippery mossy rocks.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 8″ Tactical Waterproof

First of all, these Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Tactical Boots are heavenly lightweight. They are not the lightest ones but are way too comfortable and supportive every time you walk and run on ramps while hiking.

The boots hold up pretty well and fit perfectly so that you can put on miles of hiking in cold weather without fatigue.

The boot construction provides enough warmth during pretty cold days. But we do not recommend wearing these boots on damp snowy terrains due to their moderate waterproofness.

Merrell Mens Moab 2 8in Tactical Waterproof Boots, Black, 7, Wide Width
Click image for more information on Amazon

They work better in normal to little deep cold weather. The lightweight shanks are excellent to give stability and balance while standing on rocks, cliffs, or dense vegetation in the jungles.

The rubber outsole with deep-grooved patterns works hard to protect from slips due to wet leafy, mossy, or icy surfaces.

Many said they don’t experience much ankle pain at the end of the day. This is due to the air cushion under the heel that gives a soft point to release muscle tension.

That way, your ankles get better support for not being stressed which causes pain. It helps correct natural walking gaits and after more than 10 hours, your feet remain in good shape. Overall, the boots are traversable through all terrains and weather.


  • Quality and lightweight leather and textile upper
  • Waterproof PU coated all over the outer
  • The side zipper is provided
  • The air cushion in the heel for ankle support
  • Lightweight nylon shanks for arch support and stability
  • Highly grippy rubber outsole on all terrains
  • Rubber toe caps for better protection
  • Mesh lining for breathability inside


  • Moderate durability.

4. Best waterproof tactical boots for cold weather

Low temperatures will create conditions for rains and fogs, causing water and humidity throughout the cold season.

When your feet are kept dry, they will not get cold or ill or discomfort when moving. You know you can’t live without truly waterproof tactical boots in this cold weather.

Look out for the following characteristics of waterproof boots: waterproof material, seam-sealed construction, and waterproof lining/booties.

Waterproof materials often adopt full-grain leather and nylon fabrics that are highly water resistant. A large area of high-density nylon can greatly prevent water from seeping through fibers.

But for the best waterproof effect, a waterproof lining/Booties that is placed between the leather outer and inner linings are required. When unlucky water seeps through the outer layer, the lining will create a barrier to prevent water from getting deeper in.

Seam-sealed construction is a type of boot structure that minimizes gaps where water can leak in from the outside such as through stitches, eyelet holes, or such.

Tactical boots need to have the soles attached with water-resistant glue to the upper part instead of being sewn. This will increase the effectiveness of water resistance from the outside.

Maelstrom Men’s TAC FORCE Waterproof Military Tactical Duty Work Boot

These Maelstrom Men’s TAC FORCE Tactical Boots appear very sturdy with seam-sealed construction. The outsole is attached roughly to the upper by waterproof glue that gives no gaps for water to seep inside.

Many said they can walk through high water or rain without wet feet. But we don’t recommend standing in the deep puddle for long periods since the boots are not made from rubber.

Maelstrom Men's TAC FORCE Waterproof Military Tactical Boots with Zipper, Style # T5180Z WP, Black, 8'', Waterproof, Size 7M
Click image for more information on Amazon

The nylon and full-grain leather upper is greatly water-repellent as almost no one complained about the boots getting wet through this outer. The boots fit snugly and hold up pretty well around the ankles with thick padded collars and sturdy tongues.

Cold air does not have a chance to get through the gaps between the boots and the feet, causing the feet to become cold and frostbite. After all, there’s nothing more miserable than having cold, wet feet in this weather.

But with this Maelstrom, your feet are secured warm and comfy all day long. The boots also feature Booties lining that is placed underneath the outer layer and the inner lining. The Booties lining is highly water-resistant but still breathes well for no bad odors.


  • Quality, lightweight full-grain leather and nylon upper
  • Seam-sealed construction for water resistance
  • Booties lining for extra waterproof effects
  • Padded collars and tongues for better heat retention
  • The side zipper is provided
  • Highly grippy rubber outsole on all terrains
  • Composite shanks for stability


  • Moderate durability.

5. Best lightweight tactical boots for cold weather

A lightweight cold-weather tactical boot is by no means the lightest. They need to be optimized for lightweight, durable materials, but the boot structure still has to ensure the best warmth for the foot.

We recommend choosing tactical boots with uppers made from full-grain leather and high Denier Nylon.

High Denier Nylon is especially durable, strong, resistant to internal heat as well as water-resistant when walking in the rain or wet conditions. The higher the density of Nylon fiber, the better its strength and lightness.

Metallic boot constructions such as steel toe caps or steel shanks add a couple of ounces of weight to your feet. You can choose TPU/hard plastic/composite toe caps/shanks instead. These materials are much lighter than steel and offer considerable durability.

Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot

If you are looking for a pair of lightweight and good tactical boots for tough patrol shifts or walking on boots all day long, we highly recommend these Danner Men’s Tachyon GTX Duty Boots.

This is due to the 500D Nylon upper that greatly reduces the weight while ensuring proper durability and endurance. Their non-metallic boot construction builds up no bulks to weigh your feet down every time you run or walk constantly.

Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” GTX Duty Boot,Black,13 D US
Click image for more information on Amazon

The boots are not provided with Insulation but their sturdy 9″ height construction holds up snugly that leaves no gaps between the boots and the legs. Therefore, you won’t get cold feet or frostbite in light deep-cold weather.

If you have to walk on the ice every day, we suggest looking for Thinsulate insulation tactical boots for better protection. Besides, the big plus of these Danner boots is their ankle-height water waterproof capacity.

If you trudge through large puddles, wet leaves, or damp dense vegetation, your feet are likely to stay dry and comfy.


  • Quality and lightweight full-grain leather and 500D Nylon upper
  • Black polishable toes for uniformity
  • GORE-TEX lining for highly waterproof
  • Highly grippy rubber outsole on all terrains
  • High-performance speed lace system for fast backpacking
  • The 9″ shaft height


  • The size tends to run bigger.

6. Best breathable/ ventilated tactical boots for cold weather/winter

Our feet sweat in cold weather and if your boots ain’t breathable enough, they will produce bad odors then. What makes tactical boots well-ventilated in cold weather is mostly the breathable lining and upper materials.

The most commonly used and most versatile breathable linings to date are the Gore-tex. This is a breathable and waterproof fabric membrane, which helps to prevent water from seeping in from the outside but helps to optimally drain water vapor from the inside out.

This material helps absorb sweat and moisture from the foot inside, greatly increasing breathability. The gore-tex lining will be placed between the boot’s outer layer and the inner lining. The price of tactical boots using this material is also more expensive than usual.

The nylon upper does not offer the same breathability as the mesh upper. However, when tactical boots for cold weather need both breathability and heat retention, Nylon fabric is the best choice.

Nylon provides better ventilation and is much lighter than leather. This helps prevent being overly hot inside that causes your feet to sweat too much, even in cold weather. That way, your feet can still breathe well in hot and cold conditions.

In addition, side zippers are also a factor that contributes to increasing the breathability of tactical boots in winter.

Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Military & Tactical Boot

These Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex side zip tactical boots are more like a monster in the battle for the breathability of boots in cold weather.

The quality of Bates’ Gore-Tex membrane is guaranteed to be highly breathable and waterproof from the inside out. The boots breathe fairly well and bring great warmth for cold weather. You don’t feel your feet heat up inside which produces a lot of sweat and moisture.

Bates Men's GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot, Black, 7 M US
Click image for more information on Amazon

Many said they walk comfortably on the footwear for up to 14 hours constantly without bad odors at the end of the day. Besides, the nylon upper and side zippers work hard to provide excellent ventilation from the outside in.

However, we don’t guarantee the boot’s waterproofness, even when it possesses Gore-Tex lining. Overall, your feet are still kept dry and comfy while passing through wet grass or small puddles.

You can perform lots of activities such as motorcycling, running or hiking in boots in cold weather. They are also good for standing all day long while at work too.

Padded collars and tall tongues seem to hold up the legs pretty snug that leave no room for establishing cold feet in light deep cold conditions


  • Quality, lightweight leather, and nylon upper
  • Breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
  • The side zipper is provided
  • Highly grippy rubber outsole on all terrains


  • Moderate waterproofness.

7. Best mountain tactical boots for cold weather

Looking for the best mountain tactical boots for cold weather? you should go with a lightweight, short collar, foot support, and especially highly grippy rubber outsole.

Lightweight is an indispensable feature for mountain tactical boots, especially when the wearer often has to walk continuously, climb mountains or step on rough and slippery surfaces.

This feature also supports a better energy return system to reduce leg strain due to continuous movement all day long. By the end of the day, your feet shouldn’t be too blistered or sore.

We highly recommend short collars for mountain tactical boots, although a high collar might be a better choice for keeping feet warm in winter. Short collars make your legs move flexibly, especially when you have to climb mountains or move around your ankles continuously.

Foot support includes arch and ankle support and should be optimized in boot structure. It may have come from a specialized footbed in the heel to support the ankles, or maybe shanks are supportive for the arch.

Last but not least, the outsole’s ability to stick on surfaces is vital when it comes to climbing. The outsole has to be really optimized with special deep grooves and tread patterns to increase friction in the toe and heel of the boots. This creates a safe fulcrum for the wearer while climbing.

Rocky Alphaforce Waterproof Duty Boot

These Rocky Alphaforce Waterproof tactical boots are all you need for mountain climbing in cold weather.

They may look bulky at the first sight but the boots are truly lightweight and heavenly comfortable. It ensures you can walk or climb on the boots for up to 12 hours a day and 6 days a week without much fatigue.

It promotes a better energy return system that allows you to climb, run faster, and be more flexible. We are impressed by how special the outsole is. The underside of heels and toes are provided with grooves and arrow tread patterns that are highly grippy on rocky, rough surfaces.

Rocky mens Alpha Force 6" Swat Boot Black 4 M US
Click image for more information on Amazon

You don’t have to worry that they will slip off while doing the traditional climb. Besides, short collars are highly flexible and agile to move around the ankles without discomfort. The shanks work as a foot stabilizer to correct your natural walking gaits.

Besides, it promotes balance and stability while walking. Overall, many said the boots appear very well-made and they seem to be good at tear and wear resistance. The padded collars hold up pretty well while climbing but also ensure no cold air can touch your feet.


  • Quality full-grain leather and 1000D nylon upper
  • Exceptional grippy, oil, and slip-resistant rubber outsole on rocky, mossy surfaces
  • Non-metallic foot stabilizer
  • Padded collars for extra comfort and heat retention


  • The boot size may run narrow.

8. Best tactical boots for motorcycling in cold weather

Best tactical boots for motorcycling in cold weather need to have comfortable roomy toe boxes, non-slip outsoles, good water resistance, and most importantly, high-collar construction.

The reason why you need a high collar boot is that your ankles and legs are likely to get burned by the heat that is transmitted from the engine while riding.

Therefore, tactical boots with high and thick collars help block this heat and at the same time protect your feet from splashing stones while you ride your motor through rough roads.

When driving a motor, your toes will have to constantly move to shift gears, brake, or prop your feet to stop the bike. Comfortable roomy toe boxes provide a reasonable space for your toes to be most comfortable when pressing the gas.

Anti-slip rubber soles prevent feet from slipping when mud and wet soil cling to foot shifters. This also prevents you from running the risk of falls due to slipping off the shifters.

A pair of waterproof boots will make your motorcycling journey more endurable than ever. No one can predict when a sudden downpour will happen or if you accidentally dash away through a large puddle. Wet boots will make your feet damp and bring up a lot of discomforts.

NORTIV 8 Men’s Military Tactical Work Boots Side Zipper Leather Boots

If you are looking for the best tactical boots for motorcycling, look no further as these NORTIV 8 Men’s Side Zip Tactical Boots are exactly what you need during cold seasons.

The boots possess an 8 inches high collar shaft that is ideal for ankles and leg protection from engine heat and external splashes.

The boots hold up pretty well and fit comfortably due to ankle-high protection wraps and support construction. It helps to warm your feet better when riding in deeply cold conditions.

NORTIV 8 Men's Military Tactical Work Boots Side Zipper Leather Outdoor Motorcycle Combat Boots Black Size 6.5 M US Trooper
Click image for more information on Amazon

The boots are sturdy and give proper roomy toe boxes to please your feet when it has to shift the gears quite often. The side zippers work perfectly for a quick on-and-off process if you need fast packing on your way.

Besides, you can put your trust in the outsole when passing through loose rocky terrains. It grips pretty well and can handle mossy, wet leafy surfaces as well.

But it is important to tell you that there seems to be less cushion provided inside, so, you may not feel enough support if you stand all day long on the boots.

Yet, the toes are not easy to get scratches or marks because of shifting and it’s a good thing to me.


  • Quality leather and nylon upper
  • The side zipper is provided
  • The Ankle-high protection wraps & supports for extra comfort and safety
  • 3-sole system for excellent foot support
  • Breathable membrane for moisture wick inside


  • Less cushion in insoles for foot support.

9. Best tactical boots for patrolling in cold weather

Best boots for patrolling in cold weather should have features like: ankle support, and roomy toe boxes, especially lightweight feature. Many patrollers prefer side zippers for quick packing as well.

The ability to support ankles can come from the special support system of the sole structure of the boots. Notably, the inner heel pad will provide great support to reduce the risk of ankle pains when walking on boots for up to 14 hours a day.

Roomy toe boxes create just the right amount of space so that the toes do not rub against the inside of the boots, causing scratches.

This space also helps the toes move more flexibly and comfortably when running, climbing, or simply walking all day long.

Lightweight is one of the important features to do patrolling all day long without much fatigue. This feature complements the ankle support system to increase the energy return of the boots, helping to reduce foot fatigue and muscle tension when standing for long periods.

Bates Men’s Side Zip Waterproof Tactical Boot

These Bates Men’s 8 inches Strike Side Zip tactical boots have received a rain of positive reviews for being the best patrolling boots.

The boots provide excellent ankle support due to the advanced Endurance Performance System that greatly reduces foot fatigues and ankle pains at the end of the day.

Besides, the boots are heavenly lightweight and comfortable. Both contribute to building up an active energy return system that prevents pains, soreness, and muscular tensions when standing all day long up to 16 hours.

Bates Men's Shock 8", Side Zip, Black, 7 M US
Click image for more information on Amazon

The toe boxes are amazing and they are just fine for wide feet. You don’t have to pinch your toes while putting these boots on.

During deep cold weather, there is a reasonable compromise for keeping your feet warm and comfy without frostbite. This is also due to the great waterproof capacity of the boots when walking through large puddles, wet grass, or melting snow.

The boots ensure outstanding breathability and ventilation during cold seasons.


  • Quality leather and mesh upper
  • Waterproof membrane for extra breathability
  • Multi-terrain rubber outsole for high traction on all terrains
  • Endurance Performance System for no foot fatigue
  • The tall shaft


  • Moderate durability based on the frequency of use.

10. Best tactical boots for hunting in cold weather

Hunting is more like a risky outdoor activity, sometimes it’s even a job to make a living. Hunting requires really tactical running, chasing, and climbing techniques to catch prey.

A tactical boot that qualifies for hunting in cold weather needs to be lightweight, waterproof, has anti-slip outsoles and is good enough to keep feet warm in deeply cold conditions.

Lightweight makes the foot move flexibly and with much less effort. However, lightweight is not synonymous with minimal construction but needs to ensure proper safety features such as good foot support.

Waterproofing is not only necessary but is also sufficient. When hunting, you will have to live around wet vegetation, streams, ponds, and lakes for several weeks or even months.

If your boots are not waterproof, the risk of you having to give up without hunting is noticeably high. Wet boots also contribute to bad foot odor and are a source of foot fungus.

An anti-slip rubber outsole is a must if you don’t want to slip and fall while hunting a deer or a rabbit. Be careful that you can turn out to be prey when you get injured and lose your ability to fight back. The anti-slip rubber outsole will grip well on moss, damp, rocky, and muddy surfaces and minimize the risk of falls.

FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men’s Tactical Military Boots Suede Leather Work Boots Boots

Look no further for the best hunting footwear in cold weather as these FREE SOLDIER Military Tactical Boots. They possess everything you need to make a good living with a hunting career.

You get no sores or pains even after weeks of running across for 5-6 miles every day in the jungle or mountain to chase prey.

The boots are awesomely lightweight and fit perfectly around the ankles. It’s not snug or loose or something. It fits just right and leaves some comfortable room for toes to move around. Besides, their waterproof capacity is stunning.

FREE SOLDIER Outdoor Men's Waterproof Tactical Military Boots Suede Leather Work Boots Combat Hunting Boots (7.5 M US, Color Black)
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You can do fishing or walk in the rain with fairly dry feet. So, large puddles or sloughs can’t put you down. Some said the boots can provide good insulation at around -25 degrees C. So, they are highly recommended for deep cold conditions or sub-zero temperatures.

The roomy toe boxes are fairly comfortable and are good for wide feet. I love how fashionable the boots look.

But you know what, they put on these pretty colors for camouflage in the forest. All that proves how worthy the boots are for investment.


  • Quality, durable suede leather and Nylon fabrics
  • Excellent grippy rubber outsole on slippery surfaces
  • Padded collars and thick tongues for extra comfort and heat retention
  • Outstanding waterproof boot construction
  • Great camouflage colorful look


  • Moderate durability on heavy-abused use.

11. Best affordable tactical boots for cold weather

What to look for in affordable tactical boots rather than just a price issue. Yet, keep in mind that there’s always a reason why a pair of boots is expensive.

Affordable boots may not give you enough to cope with sub-zero temperatures or deep cold weather. Besides, you should also consider some features that can fight against coldness and fatigue.

Lightweight is an essential feature for your feet to walk, run, and climb without fatigue. If your job requires constant movement all day long, this is a pretty important feature that can help you not to get tired feet at the end of the day.

The structure of the boots should be designed to hold the feet tightly so that they does not create gaps between the foot and the boot. This also contributes to reducing heat loss and preventing cold temperatures from entering inside, causing frostbite.

You can also expect water repellency in affordable tactical boots, but they are rarely high-performance waterproof (Waterproofness is not the same as water repellency).

Under Armour Unisex-Adult Stellar Tac Side Zip Sneaker

These Under Armour Unisex Stellar Side Zip Tactical Boots have no competitor for winning the crowd of best affordable boots for cold weather. They are heavenly lightweight that makes you feel like walking on tennis shoes or sporty sneakers. But they are more than that.

You can feel your feet consonant even when walking or standing up to 12 hours all day long. The boots are really soft and comfortable right out of the box. This is a reason why many police or security guards wear them for patrolling or light duties.

Under Armour mens Stellar Side Zip Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001 Black, 8.5 US
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Besides, the boots provide good water resistance but are not waterproof at all. So, be careful if you pass through puddles or deep wet grass, you can still get damp feet. The boots hold up well and leave no room between the legs and boots.

It is reasonable for proper heat retention. Wearers can experience pretty warmth inside but without sweaty feet. The boots seem to breathe well in damp and cold conditions.

The shanks and anti-slip rubber outsole give exceptional stability and no slips on wet and mossy surfaces.


  • Quality leather and 9D Nylon upper
  • DWR finish on the outer for better water resistance
  • Lightweight TPU shanks
  • Side zippers are provided
  • Good values for the money


  • Moderate durability.

12. Best low-cut tactical boots for cold weather

You think that low-cut tactical boots can’t be a good choice to keep your feet warm in winter.

Many people like to wear short-collar boots in winter because they find high-collar boots quite entangled and uncomfortable. In addition, some jobs that work indoors seem to fit low-cut boots better.

Low-cut tactical boots usually have a collar height of around 6.5 inches or less. It is important that the design of the collar is soft and padded fully. This will reduce the risk of scratches when your sensitive ankle interacts with the inside of the boot collar directly without socks.

These boots should have a soft construction that can be worn right out of the box. They should be made from leather and fabric to minimize break-in time.

Lightweight is also an important feature no matter what kind of work you do. Either way, wearing light boots will give your feet more rest at the end of the day.

Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots

Another Under Armour option, but these Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots are different. The boots are heavenly soft and comfortable right out of the box due to synthetic leather and large textile upper.

It requires almost no break-in time and that’s a key to walking or standing all day long at work without regretting your investment. We highly recommend these boots for those who have initial foot pains, low arches, and normal arches.

Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 11
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The proper amount of cushion and lightweight TPU shanks will give the best support and balance for your ankles and arches. Many reviewed the boots holding up around the ankles comfortably and softly due to UA ClutchFit technology.

Even without socks, your ankle’s bare skin won’t suffer from bloody scratches. The sturdy and fit construction heats your feet without promoting sweat and moisture inside. That way, your feet are kept safe and warm without bad odors during normal cold seasons.

We are not quite sure if these are good for deep cold or sub-zero weather. But since there’s no insulation so far, it is better to wear them in normal coldness.


  • Quality and lightweight synthetic leather and textile upper
  • The sturdy and fit construction for heat retention
  • Lightweight TPU shanks for foot support and stability
  • Micro G foam for better cushion under the feet
  • UA ClutchFit technology holds up the feet better


  • Moderate durability.

13. Best tactical work boots for cold weather

Best tactical boots for cold weather should focus on safety features such as toe caps, non-slip outsole, and shanks. Besides, you can expect lightweight and waterproof features to stay dry when working around wet areas.

Steel/composite toe caps are the most common ones. Composite is more advanced and lightweight while steel is more highly resistant to massive impacts. Which one that suits your needs is something only you know and do best.

The non-slip outsole is very important, especially when you work in a greasy, slippery factory or on a construction site where slippery concrete surfaces are all around. Rubber outsoles with deep grooves will greatly increase friction to avoid falling due to slippage.

Shanks not only help stiffen the shape of the boots, they also provide balance and stability for your natural walking gaits. This will provide arch support and significantly reduce foot fatigue caused by false gaits.

Skechers Men’s New Wascana-Benen Military and Tactical Boot

You may not expect much about these Skechers Men’s New Wascana-Benen tactical boots for their price, but you will be surprised. They look bulky but are fairly lightweight to hold up and fit comfortably around the ankles.

You don’t feel they won’t slip off when climbing up and down on ladders or steep, slippery concrete surfaces all day long. The boots do have quite hard toes that are necessary for foot safety at work, especially if you work with lots of sharp metals around.

Skechers mens Wascana - Benen Wp Military and Tactical Boot, Black, 5 US
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They maintain relaxed feet for up to 10-12 hours walking on them. Your feet still have the proper room for toes to move comfortably. The thick and sturdy construction makes the boots an excellent option for winter or deep cold weather.

But they may not provide enough waterproofness if you work around wet areas. You may need some waterproof coat on the top if necessary. They do have shanks that maintain your walking gaits in good condition, and therefore, not many pains or soreness will happen at the end of the day.


  • Quality leather and textile upper
  • Composite toe caps for safety
  • Steel shanks for stability and arch support
  • Memory foam for foot support


  • Moderate waterproof.

14. Best tactical boots for law enforcement in cold weather

Law enforcement professionals can be on their duty for up to 20 hours a day. It is necessary to equip them with tactical boots that are constructed to be lightweight, breathable, have stability, and good insulation for deep cold weather.

Lightweight should come from the fact that the upper is made of lightweight and durable materials such as Denier nylon, mesh, or advanced textile. They don’t add too much weight to the boots but provide better water and scratch resistance.

Breathability for law enforcement boots in the cold season should not be provided by mesh uppers or mesh linings as these will dissipate heat from the inside. Instead, breathable lining like Gore-tex should be used to increase ventilation when patrolling on the boots all day long.

Stability comes from non-slip rubber outsoles and shanks. These 2 components help to adjust foot stability when running or walking without the risk of falling due to being slippery on different surfaces.

Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

Look no further to find the best tactical boots for law enforcement in cold weather, these Smith & Wesson Men Breach Side-Zip tactical boots make your full-day patrolling easier.

The boots appear to have exactly what a police uniform footwear needs – black decent polishable toes. They look badass and fit the legs perfectly around the ankles with lightly padded collars, helping comfortably walking and standing up to 14 hours a day.

Smith & Wesson Footwear Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots, Black, 5
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They are fairly lightweight and have solid construction. They are really constructed for tough heavy-duty jobs with nylon upper and steel shanks for arch support and durability.

However, these are not made for high arch types as the construction of the arch and heel sections are more shallow.

We recommend adding another orthotic insert/lining for high arch support. The side zippers are way too high-performance as they work smoothly even in cold conditions.

Gusseted tongues prevent water from seeping inside through eyelet holes, so you are likely to not get wet feet in wet, cold conditions or light rains.

The rugged and deep-grooved rubber outsoles are stunning to grip well on oil, water, mossy, rocky, or any sleek industrial surfaces that you may encounter while chasing a criminal. But since there’s very little insulation in the construction, these are not ideal for deep cold conditions or sub-zero temperatures.


  • Quality and lightweight leather and nylon upper
  • Steel shanks for stability
  • Gusseted tongues for water resistance and mud resistance
  • EVA Midsole for comfort and ankle support
  • Highly grippy and rough rubber outsole


  • The polishable toes tend to get scratched fast.

15. Best non-slip tactical boots for snow conditions

Non-slip tactical boots for snow conditions must focus heavily on the tread patterns and elevation of the grooves. Because the surface of the snow is a subsidence surface. Boots with deep grooves and thick outsoles are more slip-resistant on thin snow or wet ice.

Tread patterns should be designed to focus on increasing the friction in the middle of the foot when walking balance on snow or ice.

In addition, there is a special need to increase friction at the heel and toe edge of the outsole that is in direct contact with the surface. This helps to create frictional fulcrums when the foot is needed to prevent falling due to slipperiness.

5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 8″ Military Tactical Boot, Style 12391, Black

These 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 Tactical boots have taken a beating in snow and icy conditions.

The 8″ shaft height and thick padded collars hold up the legs excellently and leave no room for cold air to freeze your feet. The leather and 840D nylon upper is tough enough to be water and snow-resistant.

5.11 Men's ATAC 2.0 8" Military Tactical Boot, Style 12391, Black, 9.5 Regular
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You are not likely to have wet and cold feet when walking through snowfalls. The outsole is super rugged and highly anti-slip on slippery icy and snowy surfaces/terrains. Deep grooves and thick, tough synthetic outsole grip well on wet, mossy, and sleek surfaces.

The shanks bring up good effects on walking gait correction. It enhances stability and balance while walking on snow and icy surfaces.

Overall, you get proper support to stay comfy, safe, and agile in snow conditions.


  • Quality, lightweight and durable leather and 840D nylon upper
  • Highly oil and water-resistant synthetic outsole
  • The Ortholite footbed for extra comfort and foot support
  • Decent black polishable toes.


  • Moderate durability.

16. Best composite toe tactical boots for cold weather

There are lots of composite toe tactical boots out there, but what certifies the quality of composite toes is meeting the ASTM standard for safety work boots.

Composite toe caps that meet ASTM standards will be well-resistant to 75 foot-pounds compression. In addition, this material is shock/impact resistant and also reduces the risk of electric shock when working around electrical wires.

The Composite is 100% non-metallic, so it does not conduct electricity and heat to the foot.

Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-Tex Composite Toe Side Zip Work Boot

These Bates Men GX08 Gore-Tex Composite Toe Side Zip tactical boots are a legend for safety work footwear.

Their composite toe caps not only met the ASTM F2413-11 standard, the boots also possessed a ton of excellent features to wear in deep cold weather.

Gore-tex waterproof membrane will keep the feet dry and breathable when standing on the boots all day long.

Bates Men's Gx-8 Gore-Tex Composite Toe Side Zip Work Boot, Black, 9.5 M US
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The thick, sturdy construction with padded collars fits just right around the ankles to keep your feet highly functional, and warm during extreme conditions. So, they work well in deeply cold conditions.

Yet, your feet won’t get overheated, which causes smelly sweat. Breathable linings absorb moisture excellently to keep the feet dry and comfy all day long.


  • Quality, lightweight leather, and nylon upper
  • Gore-tex waterproof membrane for breathability and waterproofness
  • ASTM F2413-11 rated composite toe caps for absolute safety
  • Side zippers are provided


  • Moderate waterproofness.

Before you leave

Winter and extreme frozen conditions often hide many environmental hazards such as slippage or bone-chilling coldness that exposes you to serious health and joint risks.

A good pair of shoes will get you somewhere great and a good pair of tactical boots for cold weather will save your feet quite a lot of hospital expenses.

After all, there’s nothing more worthwhile than investing in your health.

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