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About Us

police wear tactical boots

Tactical pants, tactical boots, tactical backpacks, etc… all of these are commonly referred to as tactical gear. But for us, all of them is friends, a protector, and integral part of every journey!

Whether you are an outdoor master or a law enforcement officer, future journeys always have lurking dangers. As an outdoorsman and a former law enforcement officer, I understand this more than ever. And that is also the cause of the formation of From Your Tactics!

Here, you will know everything about tactical gear. How to choose the right accessories for the journey, how to limit risks with tactical gear, etc. And, believe me, you should have at least a pair of tactical boots on your trips.

A pair of tactical boots and a fishing-rod near a lake

Your safety and comfort at work or play are our mission, vision and responsibility! From Your Tactics will be the place for those who seek the most sincere and responsible advice.

Remember that, from now on, I – Jay Gatz will always be with you on every trip!