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What Tactical Boots are Made in USA? 9 Best Brands

American-made quality is one of those overflowing feelings of pride that all Americans can hold their heads high to boast to the world for this precious labor. Hard work, excellent craftsmanship, and outstanding intelligent innovation are the undeniable values this country has built on our made-in-USA products.

In particular, made in the USA Tactical boots are a special product in terms of quality and features that are obviously better than similar products made abroad. Not even in China, but even the European boot factories are slightly different in quality and sizing and cannot be compared with made in USA boots.

If you don’t know, actually, we Americans very clearly divide the origin of each part that makes up the boots, before actually labeling it “made in the USA”. From there, we have choices like “made in the USA”, “handcrafted in the USA”, “assembled in America”, or “the USA made by an alien country”.

Therefore, it is not easy for you to buy a pair of tactical boots that are spotted 100% made in the USA. In fact, its price is highly competitive due to its pricey production cost compared to other garment factories in the world. But above all, you, an American, know it’s worth it.

Let’s just dive in to figure out how you can buy real made in USA tactical boots and let’s see our trustworthy models to buy.

made in usa tactical boots with American flag

How to spot if your tactical boots are truly made in the USA?

First, let me explain a little bit about the term “made in USA” tactical boots. Though they seem to be simple and straightforward, actually getting these 3 words on the boot’s tag is no piece of cake for any footwear manufacturer.

The real made-in-USA tactical boots/military boots must meet super rigid standards Berry Compliance to have this label on each pair of boots.

The standard represents American Made products that are honest about purity and goodness in every small detail that makes up the footwear. This specifies that all components of boots from rubber soles, laces, leather, textiles to small features like metal eyelets must be grown, manufactured (or remanufactured), used (or reused) in American soil.

That means all of the things that build up the footwear are sourced only from America from production to assembling stages.

tactical boots and outfit on an American flag

As you know, American quality standards always stand well in the world. Therefore, any pair of tactical boots/military boots/work boots labeled Berry Compliant showcases a national “made in USA” commitment to the product.

Nevertheless, an indisputable fact is that Berry Compliant tactical boots will possess a sky-high price tag. This is the cause of the problem of expensive manual labor, high taxes, or high input costs.

Therefore, if you are not willing to cash out double or triple the amount of imported footwear, boots brands will also come up with cheaper options for you. But surely there will always be Americans who are craving these great made-in-USA boots.

made in usa logo

In addition, to expand the market share, many American footwear brands decide to hit the market with cheaper imported boots. Their Berry Compliant lines tend to be limited and focused on signature tactical boots or special combat footwear only.

Nevertheless, Danner Boots has always been one of the leading brands in the made-in-USA boots movement until now.

Other labels like “handcrafted in the USA”, “assembled in America”, or “the USA made by an alien country” are not diagnosed as truly made in the USA. The manufacturer uses some (or mostly) exotic materials and sources from outside American soil to build the tactical boots.

That may be claimed as Made in the USA with imported components. Please be aware of this status to make sure you pick exactly what you are looking for.

Besides, buying boots made from American sources is a great way to support American employment.

What tactical boots are made in the USA?

The final answer to the question “what tactical boots are made in the USA” is to look for Berry Compliant tactical boots at all brands. But we’ll take you deeper into the pros and cons of each of them.

1. Danner Boots

Danner Men's Acadia 8" Non-Metallic Safety Toe Boot, Black, 8 D US
Click image for more info on Amazon

If you don’t look at the name of the boots on the shoe shelf at a tactical outfit store, but only glance at their price tags, which pair of boots has the highest price out of 10 consecutive boots, chances are it’s the Danner tactical boots.

Danner Boots has always been a proud American footwear icon for a true Made-in-USA footwear product. The nearly century-old brand produces large quantities of Berry Compliant tactical boots and Made in USA with exotic components boots each year.

Their main factory is located in Portland, Oregon, and still remains today. They appreciate the ethical values above economic issues through many changes of the times and consumer tastes.

From my personal perspective, I believe that Danner tactical boots are made with a stubborn belief and designation through the ages in terms of quality and construction.

You probably won’t see too many advanced technologies applied to the boots, but the durability of the boots over the years is visible. They still hold up strongly through every up and down of your stepping up to years.

However, some of their tactical boots still retain the traditional stitching outsole and upper style. This reduces the overall water resistance of the boots on the outside.

They have improved a lot of their boot designs over time to accommodate the dynamic and energetic tastes of potential wearers. This makes Danner tactical boots more friendly to many young users, instead of veteran soldiers only like before.


  • Excellent durability
  • Trustworthy made-in-USA labels
  • A wide range of tactical boot lines based on functions
  • Appropriate sizing matter for Americans


  • Real high price tags
  • Moderate lightweight

2. Rocky Boots

Rocky Men's FQ00104-1 Military and Tactical Boot, Coyote Brown, 11 M US
Click image for more info on Amazon

With nearly the same age as the Danner brand (since 1932), Rocky Boots is also a real player in the race to produce Made in USA tactical boots. In the early years of its birth, Rocky’s factory was located in Nelsonville, Ohio and is still kept today.

Looking at Rocky tactical boots products, I can feel the effective changes and adaptations through 3 generations of the brand owner’s family.

They apply state-of-the-art technologies (such as moisture-wicking lining (with microbe shield) or Roll-stop ankle stability) to the features of their boots to enhance a better wearing experience as well as their commitment to high performance.

In addition, the design of Rocky tactical boots both brings back a sense of rigidity with quality but is also dynamic and innovative to get closer to a large number of young users.

Today, Rocky boots do not focus as much on the Berry Compliant tactical boots line as Danner brands. They only have about a few tactical boots designs that are considered to be made by the USA standards. The big plus point of Berry Compliant Rocky tactical boots is a relatively good price for those who are chasing this footwear.

Rocky tactical boots are usually quite lightweight, providing excellent foot support. Many people feel amazing and comfortable when wearing or standing on their boots all day long.


  • Trustful Berry Compliant made in the USA tactical boots quality
  • Applicable advanced technology on boot’s construction and build-up
  • Excellent lightweight and highly functional
  • Dynamic design
  • Affordable prices for Made in USA boots


  • Moderate durability

3. McRae Boots

MCRAE T1 Hot Weather Performance Combat Boot, Coyote Brown, 11 Wide
Click image for more info on Amazon

When it comes to McRae Boots, not a single soldier is unaware. This manufacturer has more than 50 years of history producing military boots for the US military.

And for that reason, many of McRae’s tactical boots and military boots meet the Berry Compliant Made in USA quality standard. McRae owns 2 footwear factories in Mt.Gilead, NC with an area of about 10,000ft. Their tactical boots line has 3 main color styles: black, coyote and olive mojave.

Today, the majority of McRae boots are produced commercially for the purpose of army footwear including USMC boots, USAF boots and Special Forces.

The special thing is that the brand still retains the Made in USA quality at a very affordable price and is humanely aimed at the users who are training and fighting soldiers on battlefields.

But there is another reason that may come from the slow adaptation to technology when building a pair of McRae boots.

The brand doesn’t include too many modern features to their tactical boots but rather focuses mainly on providing durability, breathability and features that meet specific military standards.

Yet, one thing for sure is McRae tactical boots are fairly lightweight and durable when it comes to field-proven operations.


  • Special quality produced for army field-proven operations
  • A wide range of Berry Compliant made in USA tactical boots
  • Having very affordable prices
  • Excellent lightweight and functional


  • Less adaptable to modern shoes technology features
  • Rigid designs for army purposes only

4. Belleville Boots

B Belleville Arm Your Feet Men's 390 TROP Hot Weather Combat Boot, Black - 3 W
Click image for more info on Amazon

Another tycoon of the longstanding army footwear manufacturer in the US is Belleville Boot. The brand was founded in 1904 and started selling its shoes from coast to coast.

During World War I and II, they became the trusted and staple army footwear manufacturer of the United States military. It is estimated that every year, Belleville Boot produces millions of pairs of tactical boots and military boots.

Their 3 factories are all located in the US state of Arkansas. This ensures true Made in USA quality for the Belleville tactical boots.

Belleville Boots famous tactical boots line is the Tactical Research line – a symbol of more than 100 years of experience plus the most modern technologies and materials in the world.

Despite being a leader in the field of combat footwear, the Bellevilles do not let themselves be inferior to their juniors in terms of technology and design innovation. They also have the potential to produce their own technologies such as MINI-MiL® or QRF Tech.


  • Highly adaptable to modern technology and innovation
  • A wide range of top-rated tactical boots
  • At a very affordable price
  • A wide range of designs and feature selections


  • Less adaptable to design innovation.

5. Altama Boots

Altama Men’s 10” Leather Combat Boot | Slip and Water Resistant Tactical Footwear | Black - 7 D(M)
Click image for more info on Amazon

Altama Boot has been DoD’s reliable army footwear manufacturing partner for many years for many domestic and international matches. In 2017, Altama Boot became the largest footwear manufacturer for DoD. This partly confirms the Made in USA quality of Altama tactical boots.

However, Altama boots also widely develop their customer market share both internationally. Therefore, they set up several production plants in Europe, Canada, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and also in the US interior.

Customers of Altama boots can buy any of their products around the world. But this can also be confusing for US consumers because some people buy Altama tactical boots in the US but the tag says Made in Europe or the Philippines. This mostly happens with Altama’s casual or sports footwear lines and some tactical boot lines.

Altama also dedicated a line of Berry Compliant tactical boots at a relatively affordable price point for their customers. These boots also incorporate advanced technology and features to help the wearer fight or operate on the most rugged terrains. But the number of Berry Compliant models is quite limited.


  • Dedicated quality and functions
  • A wide range of tactical boots
  • At very affordable prices
  • Fairly adaptable to technology and innovation


  • Limitable numbers of Berry Compliant tactical boots

6. Corcoran Boots

Corcoran 10 Inch Marauder Boots - Coyote - 7.5 Wide
Click image for more info on Amazon

Corcoran Boots has a history of producing army and military boots for more than 60 years. This brand is famous for its line of Jump Boots which are made in the USA but for using exotic components.

In addition, Corcoran boots also produces Berry Compliant tactical boots with high American quality standards. Their designs are also diverse and flexible in terms of features.

You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a commercial-style tactical boot that isn’t designed for military use at this brand. But if you often integrate tactical boots for your outdoor activities, you should not ignore this brand.

While most Corcoran tactical boots are not applied by massively advanced technology in function. They still provide the wearer with excellent comfort, high-performance water resistance, and are lightweight while operating.

Even when wearing Corcoran boots with steel toe caps, you will still experience light steps thanks to the 1000D Cordura fabric x flesh-out leather upper.

Corcoran Boots has manufacturing facilities in Martinsburg and Pennsylvania to ensure complete Made in USA quality.


  • Real Made in USA quality army tactical boots
  • Excellent lightweight and functional
  • Outstanding durability


  • Limited numbers of Berry Compliant tactical boots

7. Thorogood Boots

Thorogood Men's 803-8000 8" Military Footwear - Safety Toe Boot, Coyote - 3.5 W
Click image for more info on Amazon

This is probably one of the oldest boot brands on this list with more than 120 years dating back to 1892. One thing is for sure, if our grandparents and parents are Americans, they are no strangers to Thorogood footwear.

During World War II, the brand produced and contributed a large amount of combat boots to the United States military. For decades, Thorogood footwear has been the pride of Made in America products.

Most Thorogood boots now are made in the USA with headquarters in Wisconsin. Their boots are inherited with handcraft skills on every stitch to create quality products that last as long as possible.

Thorogood’s Berry Compliant tactical boots are also DA PAM-670-1 Compliance, which is specially designed for military use. However, the number of these boots is limited.

The designs of Thorogood tactical boots are truly well-constructed with modern features such as fiberglass shanks, triple stitching, Temper-Dri® lining, and so on. These boots are fairly lightweight, breathable, and high-performance.


  • Excellent durability and Made in USA quality
  • Sold at affordable prices
  • Well-constructed and well-stitched appearance


  • A narrow range of color options.

8. Reebok Boots

Reebok Duty 8" Fusion Max Men's Tactical Boot Coyote - 4 Medium
Click image for more info on Amazon

I believe not too many young people know that Reebok also produces tactical boots. We are often more familiar with the shiny, sparkling, and trendy Reebok sneakers than the rigid Reebok’s tactical boots.

Nevertheless, the brand also makes a good investment in its tactical boots line. But the number of Berry Compliant tactical boots is relatively small.

The Reebok brand has been around for more than 60 years up to now, since 1958. Currently, the brand has many production facilities in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia to reach deeper and further with customers.

They target their goods worldwide. Reebok has a very limited number of their Made in USA tactical boots.

Therefore, when you are seeking to buy this type of footwear, question the seller or carefully check the information on the label to make a happy purchase.

With a foundation of long-standing sneaker and sports shoe manufacturing technology, Reebok’s tactical boots are also integrated with these technologies into product features to deliver higher performance.

The price for Berry Compliant Reebok tactical boots is also relatively affordable compared to other brands.


  • Excellent made in USA quality boots
  • Most meet high safety standards for toes and protection
  • Outstanding comfort and function
  • A wide range of Coyote tactical boots


  • Moderate waterproofness

9. Bates Boots

Bates Men's USMC Lightweight DuraShocks Boot Military & Tactical, Olive Mojave, 7
Click image for more info on Amazon

As an active young person, you are probably too familiar with Bates footwear. From reasonable prices to good quality, Bates offers consumers a wide variety of choices.

Unbelievably, Bates footwear is over 130 years old from 1885 – even older than the Thorogood Boot above. At one time, the brand produced army footwear to serve the wars in the past.

These days, Bates tactical boots are widely used in professional law enforcement or military operations.

Bates footwear is also known for its adaptability and innovation at the forefront of the industry. They research and develop their own exclusive footwear technologies to make a difference in their products.

Berry Compliant Bates tactical boots integrate the best foot support features such as Bates DuraShocks® Comfort and Outsole to effectively relieve foot fatigue during long marches. In addition, their products are also relatively lightweight and have good water resistance.

With this line of boots, they are specially made using stain and abrasion resistant Wolverine Warrior Leather® – one of the most durable fabrics to date that is not textile. This material allows good breathability and ventilation in all kinds of inclement weather.

However, we have yet to document any Berry Compliant Bates boots designs for cold and snowy weather.

The price of this line of tactical boots is not cheap but is considered quite worth the money.


  • A well-constructed design for army use
  • Highly functional and protective
  • Outstanding comfort and protection


  • A small number of Berry Compliant tactical boots.

Wrapping It Up

made in usa tactical boots with five mini American flags

Although the price has never been cheap, there are still many thousands of Americans who have and continue to believe and support made in the USA tactical boots.

They understand that this helps American-made quality never die in the current situation of intense price competition in an attempt to increase market share.

Personally, I have used both made in the USA tactical boots and Imported boots and I believe paying that higher price is completely worth it.

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