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Are Tactical Boots Good for Running? Top 3 Recommendations

Running in boots? Seriously? Why not a pair of sneakers or low-top sports shoes? 

If these questions run through your head from the moment you read the title, and you wonder if that is your subjective thought? Then keep reading.

When you run, your body will put greater gravity on your feet, creating a force of impact on the ground 6-8 times higher than normal walking.

Many people think that sneaker/low-top sports shoes featuring great softness will absorb this force the best, making them sound good for running.

Especially when you are thinking of running as just basic daily exercises.

Yet, have you ever wondered why military soldiers who often run for miles every day and march constantly on the road choose to wear AR670-1 compliant-approved tactical boots over sneakers/low-top sports shoes?

There must be some good reasons for the decision.

Since modern tactical boots have developed with hundreds of innovative features to help function well your physical operations (such as long trail runs or Fartlek) in all kinds of environmental conditions, many professional trainers decided to switch to wear the boots as one of their main training footwears.

Besides, modern tactical boots provide better protection. It also means delivering better quality and better longevity in comparison to sneaker/low-top sports shoes.

Let’s come closer to figure out why you should pick a pair of modern tactical boots for running.

Are Tactical Boots Good for running?

The answer is Yes, they are, but not all of them. When it comes to tactical boots, you may immediately refer to military boots that are heavy, rigid, and somewhat less flexible.

However, what we mention in this answer is all about modern tactical boots.

These inventive tactical boots have improved a lot to both maintain the same old characteristics such as excellent protection and maximum comfort, while still giving the wearer feelings as light and smooth as sports shoes during your long run.

Since the US military has announced the AR670-1 Compliant for a boot that allows professional soldiers to get their own footwear as long as the boots satisfy the required standards, modern tactical boots are something far better in comfortability than before.

They are made of leather with nylon/ textile uppers that help increase the level of flexibility, breathability and lightweight.

What else makes modern tactical boots better options than sports shoes for running?

Foot, heel and toe support

Modern tactical boots provide a better slip-resistant rubber outsole, EVA midsole and advanced cushioning that promotes a better shock-absorption and strain reduction to protect the feet from suffering ankle pains, sprains or blisters during long trail runs every day.

Lacing-up above the ankle design is more protective for this vulnerable part of the leg where several vital bones and nerves are placed there.

What makes modern tactical boots so much better than sports shoes in effective toe and heel protection is that the heel and toe are very solidly reinforced.

They offer highly effective anti-kick and anti-collision that greatly reduces the risk of injury when you accidentally bump into rocks hidden underneath snow, water, or dry leaves.

A more protective structure

Modern tactical boots come in 3 most-common boot heights, including 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch heights.

With a taller, gripping and waterproof structure, the boots help prevent mud, snow, water and insects from getting inside the boots and harming your feet.

Some can also protect your feet from snakes, fire, harmful substances or animal bites that low-top shoes cannot.

Better balance and slip-resistance

One thing you may obviously notice that makes the biggest difference between sports shoes and tactical boots is the excellent design of their outsole.

Sports shoes quite often make you feel your feet when running on rough and harsh surfaces due to their slim and soft rubber outsoles.

Whereas, the tactical boot outsoles are made of hard rubber/ advanced hard plastic, providing wearers better traction and grip. They help prevent your feet from slipping out even when you run on uneven surfaces like cliffs.

Tactical boots also come in a variety of designs to help the wearer successfully conquer harsh terrains such as deserts, jungles, mountains and so on.


The lightness of a pair of boots is actually often assessed emotionally for each different wearer.

Some people find the boots that make them feel “as light as flying” best for them.

Some want heavier ones that will give a firmer and more solid feeling while wearing.

Modern tactical boots now have improved a lot to significantly reduce weight compared to traditional military lines by blending the durable, heavy 100% full-grain leather material with softer and lighter materials such as nylon, mesh, or textiles.

As a result, there are tons of choices for both women and men that can meet any of your demanding requirements in terms of boot weight.

Increase leg strength

It is obvious that tactical boots (in all types) are relatively heavier than sports shoes/sneakers.

Since you got your first try to run on the boots until your body gets used to wearing them, your legs have already received a good train to be stronger than running on the light sports shoes.

Yet, if you find running on boots way too hard, just stop it! Because if you continue doing it, this could result in potential injuries on your feet and legs.

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How to choose tactical boots for running?

Looking for a good pair of boots for running purposes is to find the one that best suits how you feel when you try it on.

With our tactical boot research experience, we believe that there are a number of factors to consider when choosing tactical boots that will benefit you in the long term, not only for running, but also for other physical operations.

Material of production

You may be strongly attracted to full-grain leather tactical boots that look cool and stylish, but if you are a fan of lightweight boots, we recommend choosing boots made from Cordura, an extremely durable and lightweight material.

100% leather boots will cost you a few foot-pain times before they are completely soft to wear, while Cordura fabric gives you a foot-friendly feeling right from the moment you open the box. That is why this material can be your foot’s true love.

Shock absorbency

Look for tactical boots that have moderately a hard outsole and a thick, soft inner sole.

They allow you to run comfortably as well as reduce foot injuries during long-distance runs.

Waterproofing and ventilation

If you’re planning on using tactical boots in hot, humid and rainy weather conditions, these two features are vital if you want the boots to last as long as possible.

Water resistance is essential when you are running and suddenly it rains or you have to wade through a large puddle. It helps prevent your feet from getting wet.

The ventilation will help reduce the heat inside the boots, making your feet comfortable and odor-free.

A pair of tactical boots that include mesh uppers along with draining holes in the instep are good options for hot weather.

Heat retention

In sub-zero temperature, there is no choice of footwear that will help you both function well and retain heat better than the tactical boots.

A pair of 8-10 inch high tactical boots with a proper amount of insulation will help keep feet warm and body healthy.

3 Tactical boots that are good for running

We have gathered the 3 best tactical boots that are perfect for running. These are all from famous brands with excellent quality.

Let’s take a deeper look at them now!

Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts 1.5 Military and Tactical Boot

This Under Armour Men Tactical Boot is perfect for those who are fans of lightweight boots. This is due to their 100% textile and synthetic materials instead of using full-leather as the main material in making traditional tactical lines.

The innovative rubber outsole with special design patterns gives better traction and grip for wearers.

The boots provide an excellent UA ClutchFit ankle support system. They feature polyurethane toe caps for added protection and are dirt-free.

Under Armour is one of the best footwear makers in the US for their great level of durability and comfortability.

The Ultralight Micro G EVA midsole delivers you perfect comfort for running on and off the road.


  • Available in 4 fashionable colors
  • Super lightweight and breathability
  • Good value for the money


  • No waterproof

CQR Men’s Military Tactical Boots

These CQR Men’s tactical boots are excellent for their durability and diversified designs in various materials and colors.

The boot features high-performance construction with a tactical design. There are also lightweight options made from synthetic and ripstop for you to choose from.

The ergonomic design of all-terrain outsole provides slip-resistance, high traction and grip.

CQR Men's Military Tactical Boots, Lightweight 6 Inches Combat Boots, Durable EDC Outdoor Work Boots, No Zip Combat Boots Coyote Brown, 13
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The upgraded YKK Zippers & Velcro Hook Closure help enhance the durability and quality. Besides, you don’t need to worry about your boots getting too dirty due to nasty weather thanks to their dustproof fabric.

The boots feature ankle-high protection that supports the ankles better. You will be surprised at its durable eyelets for better tightness and grip.

All of these features of the CQR Men’s Military Tactical Boots provide enough flexibility, safety, and comfort for runners.


  • Excellent durability and protection
  • Endless cushioning and comfort insoles


  • Moderate light-weight

XPETI Men’s X-Force Mid Tactical Boots

Another option for lightweight and durable tactical boots comes to this XPETIT Men X-Force design.

The boots have a 5-inch height, which is excellent for flexibility and comfortability while running.

It is made of durable leather and abrasion-resistant textile upper, making wearers feel much lighter and comfortable.

The boot features an X-Dry membrane that provides better breathability and waterproofness.

Dynamic arch support and cushioned underfoot deliver better ankle support and protection.


  • Available in 3 fashionable sporty colors
  • Great level of durability
  • Durable eyelets for better tightness and grip
  • Rubber toe cap protection


  • Mid level of lightweight

The Bottom Line

The most important thing when choosing any footwear for running purposes is the level of protection as well as the comfort it will bring to your feet after a long day of activity.

If you plan on daily running around the house under 5 kilometers per day, a good pair of sneakers / low-top sports shoes may still be a good option for you.

If you need a more resilient companion in a long trail run to give you extra intense protection, modern tactical boots are always the way to go.

If you are wondering how to pick the best tactical boots that are good for running, we hope this article is helpful to you.

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