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Why Do Police Wear Tactical Boots? | 3 Best Handpicked Tactical Boots for Cops

When it comes to the police profession, we think of jobs that require the executors to go through many hardships and dangers, such as criminal arrest, crowd control, traffic control, patrol, etc.

Looking through the above activities of police, it is sure that a pair of boots that can serve them must meet many high requirements in terms of safety, comfort and flexibility.

Tactical boots can satisfy all the demands because they are extremely multipurpose boots. The tactical boots provide great safety, comfort, and flexibility for the wearer.

To go into details, continue reading the rest of the article below!

Why Do Police Wear Tactical Boots?

To answer the question of why cops use tactical boots, we need to look at the key features of tactical boots.

These factors include safety, durability, comfort, flexibility, and convenience.

They will have a big influence on why police use (or should use) tactical boots.


One of the first and foremost things to talk about is that tactical boots can provide great comfort for police when they’re on duty.

One of the very arduous tasks of police is to patrol the long shifts on their feet that police may stand for from 6 to 12 hours continuously. If their boots are not comfortable enough, that patrol is really torture.

Because of that, tactical boots are loved by police because they offer the following advantages: good heel and arch support, breathability and lightweight construction.

These 3 traits are well suited for patrolling long shifts. When wearing boots for a long time, police feet are easy to sweat and uncomfortable if boots do not have good ventilation.

So the tactical boots with breathability and air circulation will ensure the police feet stay cool for hours.

The tactical boots are made from three main materials: leather, suede and nylon. These are 3 very breathable materials.

In addition, when police stand for long periods and move a lot for many hours, the heels and arches of the feet are susceptible to pain.

Therefore, tactical boots with good heel and arch support are important. That will ensure the police feet have the best massage and caring.

Ultimately, a pair of lightweight (about 2 pounds) tactical boots are perfect for police to stay in top shape during a long day of patrols.

Police will avoid loss of strength and flexibility as possible if the boots they’re wearing are not too heavy. So, a big plus of the tactical boots is that they are lightweight.

The shock absorbing technology on the sole of the tactical boots is one of the key highlights. This ensures that the wearer feels comfortable when physically active for long periods.

Finally, many tactical boots are sweat absorbent, quick-drying, and self-deodorizing. Police can benefit from these advantages and enjoy the comfort the boots bring to them while on duty.


Besides comfort, high safety is one factor that makes tactical boots reliable footwear to police.

However, the tactical boots are the new style of traditional military boots, they don’t provide the wearer with the same level of safety as traditional military boots.

If traditional military boots are commonly used for wartime, then tactical boots are often worn for peacetime. That’s why tactical boots are favored by law enforcement, police, hikers…(because they are more comfortable).

To be able to catch criminals, handle dangerous situations or control crowds / traffic, tactical boots must provide police with a high degree of safety.

The safety that tactical boots bring to police includes pressure resistance, the ability to carry heavy loads for a long time, an anti-wear outsole, and anti-slip.

Also, the tactical boot materials are scratch and tear resistant. Tactical boots are equipped with steel toes, and waterproof or insulated features, depending on police requirements.

In general, tactical boots are divided into four categories, including tactical boots for extreme weather (desert boots, jungle boots, winter boots), tanker boots, jump boots and standard issue boots.

The standard issue boots are the most popular police boots. They neutralize the most prominent features of police boots, and are the most versatile boots.

Police prefer tactical boots because they are generally breathable, air circulation, waterproof, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-slip, anti-wear…

Not to mention the ankle support of the tactical boot, with a 6-inch to 8-inch height that can support the police’s ankle under strong pressure.

Some tactical boots also have reinforced heels, toes, and midsoles (shanks) to provide extra protection and safety for police.

In short, tactical boots are not as safe for police as traditional military boots, but the safety they provide to police can be ensured.


If you need a pair of boots for activities that require a lot of speed, physical prowess such as chasing the criminals requires a lot of versatility, then you can easily find all these features in tactical boots.

As discussed above, the tactical boots are lightweight and highly versatile. They are preferred by hikers, police officers, law enforcement, and more.

In addition, the tactical boot’s base offers great flexibility, plus a high grip that can make the cops agile and easy to perform various actions.

You will not be able to do emergency operations if your boots are too heavy and don’t have the necessary flexibility.

Durability & strong

Most people who buy tactical boots aren’t for fashion, and neither are police.

So, when it comes to tactical boots that police use, they are incredibly durable and powerful.

Most cops prefer black leather tactical boots. And it would be better if it was full grain leather.

Full grain leather has the special characteristic that: the more you use it, the more beautiful it gets over time. Plus, with the well-treated material, the tactical boots usually don’t lose color or scratches.

Despite the workload, the tactical boots are strong enough to push through any barriers with reinforced design in key positions such as the heel, midsole, toe and ankle.


Three things that make tactical boots extremely handy for police are zipper, speed-lace lacing system, and high shaft.

The tactical boots with zipper make it easy on / off, or easy to loosen the tactical boots when it’s uncomfortable and tighten up when needed.

Also, the high shaft will make the cops’ pants and socks lie still and neatly in place (if they tuck the pants into the boots). The side zip is designed to easily loosen the tactical boots, making it easier for cops to tuck the pants into them.

Finally, with a pair of long laces boots and many eyelets, lacing it will take a lot of time. Therefore, the speed-lace lacing system will help you get through that torment smoothly.

In situations where police need to react quickly, the speed-lace lacing system and zipper will be two powerful tools for police.


There is no doubt that the black leather tactical boots that cops often wear are very impressive, cool and polite.

Aesthetically, tactical boots combined with tactical pants give you the look of a real man.

Although tactical boots are the type of boots that are for function rather than appearance, their cool appearance definitely steals the hearts of many cops.

3 best handpicked tactical boots for police

We’ll give you three examples. They are 3 tactical boots that are very popular with cops.

1/ Skechers Men’s New Wascana-Benen Tactical Boot

The Skechers Men’s New Wascana-Benen Tactical Boot is a tactical boot with excellent and standard features for police service.

This boot has a neat design with a shaft that is not too high but still has very good ankle support.

In addition, these boots are quite lightweight and can hold up well, giving police more flexibility throughout the day.

Although not waterproof, these boots are still water resistant, can withstand the rains and keep the feet of police dry and warm.

They are equipped with additional steel shanks to increase safety, ensuring no sharp objects can touch the police feet.

Above all, the good thing is that steel shanks do not make metal detectors ring when you pass them.

Besides, these tactical boots feature non-slip outsoles that guarantee great balance.

They are comfortable for the cops when they are on shift duty, or in situations where speed and agility are needed.

The last thing these boots are so appreciated is that they are durable with a good look.

Overall, these boots are highly rated for safety and comfort. But if you have flat feet or high arches, you may need to add extra insoles to these boots as they have poor insoles.

2/ Bates Men’s 8″ Ultralite Tactical Boot

If the above tactical boots are mostly highly recommended for safety. Then the Bates Men’s 8 “Ultralite Tactical Boot boots can provide flexibility, convenience, safety, and comfort, of course.

Moreover, the 8-inch height of the boots makes it easy for police to tuck the pants in, while keeping the socks and pants neatly in place.

With the side zip, police can easily put on or take off the boots. Also, it allows the cops to tuck their pants into the tactical boots because they can loosen the tactical boots more easily.

It is about convenience, what about safety?

Owning the advantage of the tactical boot, the Bates Men’s 8″ Ultralite boots are great for ankle support, and waterproof to keep your feet dry.

For long shift duty, these tactical boots are light enough to provide flexibility for foot support.

What’s more, you won’t be afraid that foot sweat hinders your comfort, because these moisture-wicking lining tactical boots can keep your feet dry and cool.

In addition, the insole is the strong point of Bates Men’s 8” Ultralite. These tactical boots have a hybrid design with sneakers, so they have a very comfortable insole, with good arch and heel support. Police won’t experience leg pain when working with high intensity.

Finally, the insole has a good grip to ensure that police can conquer any difficult terrain. Its high endurance makes these twin tactical boots invincible.

3/ Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boot

Under Armor brand is not inferior to Bates or Skechers when launching the Stellar Tactical Boot boots – many people love these boots. They are definitely indispensable items for police.

The first thing to say about these tactical boots is that they offer great foot safety, including good ankle support.

In addition, the reinforced TPU shank on the midsoles can keep the police feet safe in the boots.

Molded EVA midsole is one of the defining features of the Stellar Tactical Boot, as they can provide good foot support, absorb shock, and cuddle the foot. This ensures long-term physical activities will not adversely affect police comfort.

The breathable design with nylon textile upper keeps the feet cool but still feels protected, thanks to the tactical boot materials made by DWR treated Leather.

The Stellar Tactical Boot also has features that not all tactical boots have, namely Anti-odor technology and a quick-dry minimalist design. The police feet will be completely dry but still cool and comfortable.

Another notable feature is the lightweight characteristic of these tactical boots. And the versatility they offer is also incredible.


The reason police often use tactical boots is that they provide them with great comfort, safety, flexibility, and convenience.

The tactical boots are also very durable and powerful for physically demanding jobs.

A pair of tactical boots can serve a lot for a police job, from long shift patrol, crime suppression, traffic management or even … desk jobs.

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