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How Comfortable Are Tactical Boots For Patrolling Long Shifts? 3 Best Picks For You

Traditional combat boots and tactical boots are two types of boots that have many differences, but many people still mistakenly think they are the same.

As for traditional combat boots, they tend to be heavier than tactical boots, so it could be problematic when you wear them all day long.

You might wonder: “How comfortable are tactical boots for patrolling long shifts?”

I can tell you they won’t cause you many problems like traditional combat boots, and they have a lot of advantages for patrolling long shifts.

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How comfortable are tactical boots for patrolling long shifts?

Compared to traditional combat boots or military boots that are commonly used for heavy duty or military service, tactical boots are the new style combat boots designed for peacetime use.

Tactical boots are hardly comparable to traditional combat boots in terms of their strength and durability. But in return, they are more versatile, comfortable, and easier to use.

Because of the key properties such as high flexibility, good comfort and great usability, we rate the tactical boots as the right boots for patrolling long shifts!

Lightweight construction

Traditional combat boots have a drawback that they have a heavy weight, because they are thick and hard, made of materials with good impact resistance, tear resistance, waterproof…

The traditional combat boot structure has a lot of metal including steel toe and steel shank.

They are often used for heavy duty and require ample physical strength.

Some people confuse tactical boots with traditional combat boots, so they don’t think tactical boots can be used for patrolling long shifts. This is a false notion.

The tactical boots are a new style of combat boots. They are a lot lighter than traditional combat boots.

Tactical boots are used a lot by police, law enforcement, and the air force… In general, they are more commonly used in peacetime than wartime.

Tactical boots are not used for jobs that require extraordinary strength and endurance like traditional combat boots.

Tactical boots are manufactured mainly for jobs that require a lot of movement and work for a long time, not for jobs that require heavy maneuvering such as military service.

In short, the tactical boots are very lightweight to help you stay physically fit while you are moving and active for a long time. At the same time, you can react quickly and flexibly to unexpected events.

With the lightweight characteristic, tactical boots are incredibly comfortable that many people can use them for hiking and, of course, patrolling long shifts.


One of the other advantages of tactical boots is that they are breathable, which is one of the key factors of tactical boots to provide comfort for patrolling long shifts.

The tactical boots are usually made of three main materials: suede, nylon fabric or full grain leather.

These materials are three very durable, beautiful and exceptionally “breathable”.

During long patrols, your feet can be uncomfortable, get hot and sweat easily, and that’s when the well-ventilated tactical boots come to the fore.

Don’t think that on night patrol shifts when the air temperature is usually low, you won’t need a tactical boot with good ventilation.

The truth is, even if the temperature is not high, you can still sweat your feet when you have to wear boots for a long time.

Tactical boots are a good solution because of their breathable properties.

In addition, tactical boots have technology that helps circulate the air in the boots well, keeping your feet comfortable and cool.

In addition to its lightweight feature, breathability is the big plus of the tactical boots for patrolling long shifts.

Convenience and flexibility

Most battlefield combat boots usually do not equip zippers, because the military thinks they will be easily damaged by difficult terrain.

But the tactical boot is a peacetime boot and a special accessory for policemen, guards, and law enforcement.

They are used in large cities, where the terrain is not so difficult and fierce as in the Middle East.

Therefore, many tactical boots come with zippers in their design, we appreciate this feature as zipper tactical boots give you great flexibility and convenience.

Whether you are patrolling long shifts or not, we recommend tactical boots with zippers as you can get on / off them quicker and easier.

At the same time, zippers make it easier to tuck pants into boots and adjust the socks and pants neatly.

You can adjust the width of tactical boots for your comfort when patrolling long shifts.

When you have to wear boots for an extended period of the patrol, you will feel the boots you are wearing get hot and cramped.

In such cases, you can adjust zippers to make your feet more pleasant.

And there are many other conveniences that you can read more about here.

Not only that, the high shaft tactical boot (about 8 inches) with lots of eyelets and long laces will make it easy to keep your socks and pants neat in place (if you like tuck pants in boots). From there, you will be more flexible in work and activities.

Besides, as mentioned above, tactical boots are lightweight to ensure your flexibility.

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Good insole

This is one of the great traits to help you get through patrolling long shifts month. Your feet need to be well cradled so they are able to stand for a long time.

When standing for long periods on the ground (which happens very often while patrolling long shifts), your feet are very prone to pain in the heels and arches. Most tactical boots offer good heel and arch support.

Most people who buy tactical boots are determined to use them for activities that require good physical activities, outdoor activities, heavy activities… Knowing these needs, the tactical boot insoles can absorb shock quite well for very high comfort.

Patrolling long shifts can make you stand up for 6 to 12 hours. This when good insoles do their work. Many tactical boots can support the soles of your feet just as well as sneakers do.

Also, tactical boots have moisture wicking insoles to ensure your feet stay dry regardless of how sweaty your feet are.

Good insoles can be said to be a huge advantage that makes tactical boots indispensable for patrolling long shifts.

Other advantages of tactical boots

The key features listed above: lightweight structure, breathability, convenience and flexibility are all the hallmarks of tactical boots that make patrolling long shifts comfortable. The following familiar features commonly found in tactical boots also offer the best comfort for patrolling long shifts:

Anti-slip, durable, wear-resistant outsoles

To conquer long journeys, tough rides, long shift patrolling nights… You need an outsole that’s good enough to stay safe, durable enough and less prone to damage.

So, the tactical boot outsoles have a good grip to ensure balance and stability, and must be durable and less worn to get through tough terrain.

Boot materials are resistant to scratches and tear – good structure and design

Most tactical boots are powerful, with well-machined materials that are resistant to scratches and tears.

Tactical boots are one of those well-designed and well-built boots so they are very strong and durable. Although not as durable and strong as traditional military boots, they are certainly not inferior to any other type of boots.

In addition, some boots are waterproof to ensure the dryness of your feet. Or, if your job nature requires high security, you can still find tactical boots with steel toe or steel shank.

Besides, the safety toes of tactical boots can ensure that your toes are not damaged.

Tactical boots for hot and cold/wet weather

For each weather conditions, tactical boots are developed with two main types: tactical boots for hot and cold/wet weather.

As for hot weather tactical boots, they are thin, light, and breathable with good air circulation. This will ensure your feet stay cool all day.

Meanwhile, tactical boots for wet or cold weather are usually thicker and heavier than tactical boots for hot weather. Such structure, of course, is to make sure your feet are always warm.

Also, tactical boots for the cold/wet weather are often waterproof, so they can dry quickly.

Choosing the right tactical boots for the right weather will make you more comfortable for patrolling long shifts.


The tactical boots can be said to be one of the most versatile boots in the world. They can be used for hiking, jogging, outdoor activities, work,… and of course, for patrolling long shifts.

Their impressive features provide all the wearer needs: safety, comfort, convenience, flexibility… So, the tactical boots are definitely a good choice for everyone and every purpose.

Top 3 picked comfortable tactical boots for patrolling long shifts

No more words, here we’ve covered 3 suggestions for the best tactical boots for patrolling long shifts.

1/ Under Armour Valsetz

One of the most popular tactical boots is the Under Armor Valsetz. It is lightweight, durable, and breathable – it gathers all the essentials for patrolling long shifts.

In addition, other outstanding designs like the TPU toe cap will ensure your toes are safe. Not to mention the Welded PU film surrounds that make the boots resistant to abrasion, keep the color looking new and durable.

Besides that, Under Armor Valsetz with an ideal height (6.75 inches) gives you good ankle support. The boots feature an extra side zipper for added convenience and flexibility (easy on / off)

These boots also feature rubber lug outsoles with good grip to give you better balance and stability to handle difficult terrain.

Safe yet lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time… these factors put together for a great pair of tactical boots for patrolling long shifts.

You should only use these boots during the hot seasons as they are not waterproof or insulated – not suitable for the wet seasons.

2/ Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force

Tactical boots are more commonly used by the air force than by the infantry, the marines… because they are light and versatile.

Patrolling long shifts need boots that are lightweight, durable, comfortable. Obviously, you don’t need a 10/10 safety boot, you only need 8/10. But you when it comes to comfort and flexibility, you will need the absolute point.

Let’s take a look at the Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force boots: lightweight, easy-to-use (with zipper) leather, made of breathable, beautiful and durable full grain leather. These features will make the long patrol shifts easier.

In addition, the boots still ensure very good safety for your feet. You should use these boots during wet and nasty seasons, because they are insulated and waterproof very well.

Finally, the basic elements of a tactical boot include: moisture wicking, durable outsoles and non-slip, good ankle support, shock absorbent cushion, padded collar and tongue… These boots have them all to give you both the comfort and safety you need.

3/ Garmont Men’s T8 Bifida Tactical Military

You need tactical boots with well-designed insoles to stay on the ground as long as you can.

In addition, boots must serve the purpose they were meant to do.

These two key factors shape a pair of tactical boots suitable for patrolling long shifts.

Not as light as the two boots introduced above, but the Garmont Men’s T8 Bifida Tactical Military boots will give you the comfort you want. Besides that, these boots offer a very high level of safety.

Not all patrolling long shifts take place in cities or flat terrain. Patrolling long shifts in difficult terrain areas (forests, mountains, mountains) is not a new thing for soldiers or adventurers. For such conditions, these boots fit your needs.

Garmont’s tactical boots are heavier and offer more balance and stability for the user. At the same time, they have a stiffer design to withstand more pressure.

In addition, they have special features such as PU Breathable Footbed to keep your feet cool, EVA insoles to provide good heel, arch, and foot support.

In addition, rubber outsoles with excellent grip will give you peace of mind for your balance in crooked terrain.

Although heavier than the two boots above, these tactical boots are still lightweight enough to ensure your speed and stamina for long trips. They can carry heavy loads and make sure your feet are as comfortable as possible while walking.

In particular, these are boots with very high air permeability, and excellent fast drying performance.

Lastly, these tactical boots are suitable for wet environments.


Tactical boots can offer very high comfort for patrolling long shifts and have many prominent features: breathability, good soles support, convenience and flexibility, lightweight structure. These will ensure you stay comfortable for patrolling long shifts.

In addition, security, versatility, durability and robustness are also great pluses of tactical boots.

Above all, you can trust the tactical boots to give you extra comfort for patrolling long shifts!

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