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Why Are Tactical Boots So High?

Tactical boots are one of those types of boots that can serve a wide range of jobs and activities: military service, police, law enforcement, security, hiking, jogging, etc.

Tactical boots are versatile and provide the wearer with excellent security, comfort, convenience, and flexibility. Not to mention they have a strong, energetic look.

There is one interesting question we have received recently: Why are tactical boots so high?

This question is actually related to one of the most prominent features of tactical boots.

We will satisfy your curiosity!

Why are tactical boots so high?

Though not as tall as boots like cowboy boots, tactical boots still get a considerable height of 8 inches. Still, they are taller than some kinds of boots.

Tactical bootmakers don’t produce the high shaft for no reason. With such a height, tactical boots can offer the wearer three things:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Stability


First of all, tactical boots are always used for harsh conditions, so safety is placed first. That explains why they have a tall construction to guarantee the wearer’s security.

Tactical boots are around 8-inch high for the best protection with ankle support. Your ankles are a very vulnerable place in your legs when you engage in vigorous activities like outdoor activities.

In addition, the adequate high shaft of the tactical boots with a tight fit on the calf can ensure that sharp objects, dirt, sand, mud, and water will not enter the tactical boot via the collar.

Finally, the tactical boot is high to protect the feet and ankles of soldiers from sharp objects flying from many directions on the battlefield or dangerous small animals in the rainforest or desert (scorpions, small snakes, worms, leeches,…).

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With such a height, the tactical boots can bring comfort to your mind. You can feel pleasant when you’re aware that the 8-inch high tactical boots have a complete protection for your feet.

The height of the tactical boots can block dirt, mud, sand… from invading the boots via the collar. Also, this will ensure your feet are dry and don’t get attacked by sand or mud. Of course, that will bring comfort to your feet and ankles.

In addition, high tactical boots with many eyelets and long laces keep your boots from falling over while you are walking, working, conquering difficult roads or dangerous terrain. They can bring you comfort in every action.

Ultimately, tactical boots are divided into two categories: one for hot weather and the other for temperate weather. Each tactical boot has a design to suit different weather types. The height of tactical boots can deal with those types of weather excellently.

Tactical boots are high and designed from reasonable materials, making your feet stay cool in hot seasons as well as dry and warm during cold or wet seasons. Your feet will be completely comfortable!


Again, tactical boots have a high shaft along with lots of eyelets to help you tie the long laces more firmly. That also helps the tactical boots hold up better and provides good stability for the wearer on bumpy trails.

Obviously, no one wants their tactical boots to slip out while they are on the go.

Also, the reasons tactical boots are so high and have lots of eyelets with long laces are to help you lace your boots tighter (than other shoes) and to keep your socks and pants in place (in case you want to tuck pants into tactical boots).

By this way, you are more stable when operating at high intensity.

How much taller do tactical boots make you?

Tactical boots usually make you 1 inch to 1.5 inches taller, that’s not much.

Unlike cowboy boots that can help you grow 2 inches tall due to the special feature of the heels, tactical boots can only reach 1 inch to 1.5 inches tall.

But with that height, tactical boots are very flexible, safe and agile.

Plus, the tactical boot base is not too thick (or too tall) to ensure the wearers’ balance, stability, safety and flexibility, thus allowing them to perform fast and powerful operations without any problems.

So don’t have a high expectation that tactical boots will make you 2 inches taller… They are used for function rather than fashion, am I right?


To sum up, to answer the question: Why are tactical boots so high? It’s the height that makes tactical boots provide the wearer with better safety, comfort, and stability.

Besides, don’t expect tactical boots to make you look too much taller, they can only help you grow an inch to 1.5 inches tall. But that height is enough to complete their task.

Have you decided on any tactical boots for you? Remember to take a photo and send it to us!

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