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Reebok Tactical Boots Review | All You Need To Know

When it comes to sneakers or sports shoes, you immediately think of Adidas, Nike, or Reebok.

But don’t you know, Reebok is actually a subsidiary of Adidas that produces not only fitness and lifestyle designs but also is well-known for its AR 670-1 Compliant tactical boots/ military boots.

Under license from Reebok International, Ltd, the brand has cooperated with one of the finest global military footwear manufacturers since 1989 – Warson Brands, to design, manufacture and distribute the admired Reebok Work line of duty and tactical footwear.

The unique collaboration of the spirit of Warson Brands’s traditional military boot and Reebok’s innovative advanced technology platform results in a multi-purpose modern tactical boot lineup called Reebok Work line.

It is best known for innovative foot support, comfortability, lightweight, and flexibility.

The brand understands that developing a specialized product line like tactical boots needs to dramatically improve the durability, comfort, and safety features of existing daily shoes.

Therefore, their perfect collaboration with Warson Brands’ long experience in this field fully complements the shortcomings of both sides, to create the best tactical boots/ military boots/ safety work boots in terms of both performance and style.

Still getting puzzled about picking Reebok tactical boots, we give you reliable reviews below to answer why you should have a pair of Reebok tactical boots on your tactical checklist.

Reebok Tactical Boots Review

The Reebok tactical boot line focuses primarily on providing the most comfort and safety in each of their items.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of their outstanding boot features that are widely top-rated and trusted.

Is Reebok a good brand?

Yes, they are. Reebok has been working hard to develop some most protective tactical boots ever on the market today.

They pay attention a lot to improving comfort features such as extended size (or XTR-extra wide toe), heel airbag or Total Cushioning Technology™ and safety features such as Met Guard, Composite toe or Electrical Hazard Protection.

Absolute Comfortability

Some Reebok tactical boots are applied breakthrough technologies to improve the boot’s safety and comfortability for the wearer’s instep.

These help greatly prevent your feet from getting injured by falling objects at a drop force of 100 joules.

Besides, the brand uses antimicrobial moisture-wicking lining placed inside the boot greatly helps reduce the risk of foot health problems such as odor, staining, or deterioration caused by fungus and bacteria.

You will be worry-free to wear Reebok boots all day long.

In addition, the brand also develops a special range of tactical boots for those who have extra toe sizes.

This provides more room for added comfort to reach more targeted customers.

Moderate Durability

Due to putting too much emphasis on features and design development, the Reebok Work Line seems to underestimate the boot durability during their R&D process.

Some customers complain about the boot endurance that may not last over 6-8 months of frequent use.

There is usually no problem with the quality of leather/ suede, textile, or fabrics that made the boot.

However, you will possibly find out some stitching parts or heel pads that fall apart earlier after using.

Excellent Breathability

Almost all customers have highly rated Reebok’s features.

The brand uses the most trusted GORE-TEX® membrane to sew the insole surface for better moisture-wick and sweat-wick.

This is completely breathable that will dry your feet out quickly, improving excellent odor-free and wear-and-tear resistance.

Along with moisture-wicking lining, the combination enhances great waterproofness and breathability.

Exceptional Style

Nothing to complain about Reebok tactical boots/ work boot style/ design, Reebok definitely bids other big competitors on producing the most stylish Work Boot Line ever.

With a solid creative background in designing dynamic and aesthetically pleasing sneakers/ sports shoes, Reebok absolutely has the upper hand in blowing a new breeze into their tactical boot design to be more trendy and stylish than traditional boring versions.

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It is difficult to guarantee that all Reebok tactical boots available on the market today are 100% waterproof.

However, you can still find yourself some of their truly excellent water-resistant boot lines.

Although the level of water resistance varies from model to model, one thing is for sure that almost Reebok tactical boots have high levels of sweat-resistance and moisture-resistance.

Outstanding Foot-support

Some Reebok tactical boot lines are given an extra smooth addition of five cushioning layers (1-1/2 inch) under the heel and three soft layers (1/2 inch) under the forepart.

This feature absolutely enhances your deeply soft and comfortable experiences, especially when you are in long shifts or walking all day long.

This also helps diffuse shocks to enhance better foot support and protection to the wearer.

Besides, a specialized-made airbag located under the boot heel is also added to deliver better heel support by providing a comprehensive shock-absorption flatform to the leg.

While offering greater foot support, this feature is still lightweight and flexible to help return energy to the wearer, making it a perfect option for all-day standing on the boots.

Special Reebok outsoles feature an outstanding combination of EVA midsole with rubber heel and forefoot pads to offer the most comprehensive shock-absorption and foot, arch, heel support.

Great Lightweight

Reebok tactical boots should have the highest score for their lightweight feature. Many customers really appreciate this feature of their boots.

The wearer will enjoy so much comfortable and flexible experience while wearing these lightweight boots to perform running, trekking, hiking, and other complicated tactical operations effectively.

This is another true reason to get yourself a pair of Reebok tactical boots.

Reebok Tactical Boots Review Table

Overall featuresEditor’s Rating
Foot support⭐⭐⭐⭐
User’s real experience⭐⭐⭐⭐
Customer service⭐⭐⭐⭐ (free shipping and free return within the US)
Price⭐⭐⭐ (quite affordable)

Another shortcoming of Reebok boot is that their boot sizes may run bigger 1/2 to 1 size than usual experiences.

This will make the wearers feel less comfortable and unsatisfied.

We suggest you notice these factors before deciding to buy Reebok boots.

Reebok tactical boot line reviews

For a better understanding and detailed review of Reebok’s tactical boots, we’ll give you a look at some of their highlights!

Best Work Boot Overall: Review of Reebok Zigkick Tactical Boots

This Reebok Zigkick Work Boot line featuring 6-inch height is perfect for flexible working conditions and outdoor sports.

Many real users have rated the boots with an excellent level of comfortability and super lightweight, but they seem not to be a good option for playing indoor sports.

The boot is amazingly well-constructed and durable. It offers the wearer better stability, heel support, and arch support when standing on the boots all day long.

Its metal-free design is, for sure, ideal to pass through the security at the entrance of factories/ manufacturing offices/ airports.

Yet, a big shortcoming of the boot is a moderate level of waterproofing that may not work well on any type of watery and slippery surface.

Anyway, the boot seems still worth every penny depending on your intended uses.

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  • 100% non-metallic, EH-rated
  • Durable and safe composite toe and carbon toe
  • Athletic and youthful look
  • Excellent anti-abrasion, slip-and-oil resistance, chemical resistance
  • Perfect fitting and comfort
  • Breathable cushion footbed for all weather conditions
  • Heel stabilizer and rubber anti-slip outsole for better foot support and heel  support


  • Limited leg protection
  • The middle level of endurance and waterproof

Best for Tactical Operations: Review of Reebok Rapid Response Tactical Boots

What else can you expect from one of the best professional field-proven tactical boots like Reebok Rapid Response boots?

This line has everything you need to work your tactical operations the best, making it a perfect option for those who serve profesional military service, law enforcement and special op teams.

Some real users admit that the boot literally saved their foot from weighty objects falling on the foot. If they wore sneakers in that case, their feet could be seriously crushed.

In addition to military use and law enforcement, these boots are also a good choice for construction workers.

The Rapid Response line comes in 20 multi-functional designs featuring excellent lightweight and comfort.

The brand has constantly improved the outward appearance as well as internal stitching in the latest versions for better durability.

Also, the boot has a comfortable large toe and shock absorbing insole that can literally save you from blisters, foot fatigue, and heel pains.

Yet, you also should pay attention to the break-in period of these boots. Due to their stiff form for better protection, it may take up to a few months to give the wearer a completely comfortable feel of wear.

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  • Cushion footbed with Shock Eliminator for excellent heel support
  • Available in Extra wide toe/Extended sizes
  • Side zipper for easier in-and-out process
  • Excellent slip-and-oil resistance
  • Perfect anti-abrasion, heat conduction
  • ASTM F2413-11, Electrical Hazard Protection
  • Shock Eliminator Heel


  • The middle level of breathability in hot condition

Best for Winter: Review of Reebok Men’s Trailgrip Tactical Waterproof Insulated Boot

You will get truly impressed with this high-fashion and perfectly comfortable winter Reebok Men’s Trailgrip Tactical Waterproof Insulated Boot.

The smart design gives the wearer an easy slip-on process.

The boots are comfortable right out of the boot, for sure.

They work well in sub-zero temperature conditions to keep your feet warm and comfy all the time.

The special-patterned rubber outsole helps fight against snow and slippery surfaces.

The boot has been tested for being snow-proof and waterproof, which is perfect for winter conditions.

This design is a unisex adult that can be worn for both men and women.

You can definitely wear this boot for working, outdoor running and outdoor hiking in the cold weather.

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  • Top-rated athletic and fashionable look
  • Excellent slip-resistant and stable outsole
  • ASTM F2892, EH-rated and TAA Compliant approved
  • Comfortable soft toe, composite toe and YKK side zipper
  • Great waterproof and snowproof
  • Breathable cushion removable footbed for better ventilation and odor-free
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole and DMXRide Midsole for foot support improvement
  • 200 grams of Thinsulate® Insulation


  • Only available in Black color

Best for Breathability: Review of Reebok Men’s Dauntless Tactical Boots with Side Zip

They said these Reebok Dauntless tactical boots can still breathe well even when you wear double socks.

You can literally feel your sweat and moisture inside the boot disintegrating well.

These shoes can be used for a variety of purposes such as working in dry (or humid) conditions, professional running, indoor fitness and for those who have to stand all day long on the boot.

However, be aware to wear this boot during heavy snowy seasons or when you unfortunately step on water or a large puddle.

There could be no way out to repel the moisture.

Besides, the boot is widely graded to be the best summer work boot/tactical boots due to its outstanding ventilation and comfort.

This boot is highly appreciated due to its perfect comfortability, good traction, and foot protection right out of the box.

The lacing system along with the side zipper is super convenient to put on.

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  • ASTM F2892 satisfied, AH-rated
  • Comfortable soft toe
  • Available in 6-inch and 8-inch
  • Good level of anti-abrasion and slip resistance
  • Lightweight Injected EVA Cushion Midsole & FootFuel® Insole enhance foot support and comfortability
  • Seamless Micro Mesh for better waterproof
  • YKK side zipper


  • Only available in black color
  • This is not a good option for the winter

Best for Desert and Hot Conditions: Review of Reebok Men’s Stealth Tactical Work Boot Desert Khaki

Reebok Men’s 6 inches Desert Tan tactical boot is one of the Rapid Response boot lines that is field-proven with extra comfort and durability on desert terrains.

If you have to travel a lot on steep terrain under strong hot weather, this boot design will be the best choice for you.

Therefore, if you are frequent hikers, trekkers or hunters, you are recommended to pick this boy.

It features technology for dual-density removable insoles that are totally fitting.

The boot provides a greater shock-absorbing heel pad and moisture-wicking fabric covering for better foot support, breathability, and anti-foot-fatigue.

This line also includes a deeper cushion lining that gives superb foot support, extra comfort, and high-performance protection.

The boot is made for enhanced durability and ventilation from the outside in. Its cement construction greatly prevents sand or water from getting inside the boot.

It works excellently on harsh and gradually inclined surfaces such as sand mountains, sand hills.

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  • Outstanding slip, oil, and chemicals resistant outsole
  • ASTM F2413 approved, EH-rated
  • XTR® Brand Composite Toe Cap for extra comfort and fit
  • Flexible 6-inch, 8-inch height
  • Perfectly fitting
  • Safety composite toe
  • Fashionable and athletic khaki desert tan look
  • EVA midsole and embedded Shock Eliminator heel for better shock absorption and foot support
  • Mountain Trail Rubber outsole
  • Cattle Hide Leather and Ballistic Nylon is a must for AR 670-1 approved tactical boots


  • The middle level of leg protection

Best for Lightweight: Review of Reebok men’s Sublite Cushion tactical RB8605 military boot

Reebok Men’s Sublite RB8605 military boot is a signature super lightweight boot line that is 100% leather-free. Therefore, it will not come in stiff form like others to make your break-in period get longer.

You can do both running, outdoor activities, motorcycling, and tactical operations well with this bad boy. You will be impressed as the boots are completely comfortable and fit right out of the box.

Yet, some with existing foot problems may experience a little bit of heel pain due to the boot’s moderately thin insole.

If you are facing this situation, you can find a way to add another cushion liner for deeper foot support.

Overall, you will get yourself both function and fashion together in this athletic tactical boot design. This 6-inch bad boy will always bring you to the best places.

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  • 100% waterproof textile and synthetic
  • Sporty and athletic look
  • Perfectly fitting and grip
  • Superb lightweight and flexibility
  • Excellent breathability and ventilation
  • Extra comfort and moisture wick
  • Accessible YKK side zipper
  • EVA cushion midsole, rubber heel and forefoot pads
  • Removable cushion insole


  • The middle level of leg protection

Who sells Reebok Sublite tactical boots?

To find out where you can buy Reebok Sublite, we have gathered the needed information for you.

You can directly visit Reebook’s official website to place your order there and enjoy free shipping and free return policies, if you live in the US.

Besides, you can get in touch easily with the brand to question anything you want and get your response as soon as possible.

You can also look for this boot line in Amazon and other online shopping platforms to get more reliable feedback from real users before deciding.

Best for Foot Support: Review of Reebok Fusion Max Tactical Boots

These iconic AR 670-1 approved “made-in-the-USA” Reebok Fusion Max tactical boots will never disappoint you on their excellent foot support features.

This 8-inch bad boy is included with extra 3-5 cushioning layers under the heel and forefoot to enhance deeper comfort and shock absorption. This is really a big plus for those who often have problems with foot fatigue or those who have to stand all day long on the boot.

Your all-day training will no longer be a nightmare with blisters and heel pains anymore. The boot is excellent lightweight while enhancing durability at the same time. Therefore, it will be ideal for those who work for professional military service.

A deeper cushion insole brings the most cushioning and heel support to the wearer.

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  • Premium anti-abrasion, chemical-and-oil resistant outsole
  • Comfortable soft toe
  • Excellent lightweight and comfortability
  • Outstanding moisture wick from the inside out
  • Appropriate coyote color
  • NATO Lacing System and Laces for better grip and tightness
  • AR670-1 Compliant
  • Cattle Hide Leather and 1000D Cordura® Nylon is a must for any AR 670-1 approved tactical boots
  • Total Cushioning Technology™ completely enhances comfortability and shock absorption


  • The size may run bigger 1/2 size

Best for Wet, Nasty Weather: Review of Reebok Ert Men’s Tactical Boots

This Reebok Ert Men Black boot has an excellent lightweight, breathable and waterproof construction from the inside out and the outside in.

As a result, it keeps your feet completely dry and comfortable even in humid, wet and nasty conditions to perform fishing, long trail runs and guard duties on this boot.

The side zipper makes the wearer feel easier to access the boot while improving ventilation from the outside in.

Built-in heel stabilizer and rubber outsole offer better stability, shock-absorption, and slip resistance.

The boot also provides better softness and deeper cushioning for added responsiveness and anti- foot fatigue.

Padded tongue and collar offer better cushioning and comfort to wear for over 10 hours every day.


  • Made from 100% waterproof membrane
  • Extra comfort and durability
  • Highly anti-foot fatigue and foot support
  • Waterproof suede leather and waterproof 1000 Denier nylon upper.
  • Moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining
  • YKK side zipper


  • It may take up to 2 weeks to break-in

What store has Reebok Ert tactical boots?

We have been searching around to find this Reebok Ert online and offline but it seems like this boot is no longer produced by the Reebok brand as we can not find their name/ serial number on the brand’s official website or their online selling booth at Amazon.

There might be some stocks left in for online shopping if you need to look for this boot.

For further information and inquiries, we suggest contacting directly to the brand for more accurate responses.

Other questions

Where to buy Reebok tactical boots?

Reebok has built its global product distribution network throughout many continents such as America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

You can find any Reebok boots in their offline store worldwide. If you live in the US, you can receive free shipping + free returns policy, and free size exchange from any place within the US. Moreover, when you access their website, you can get the latest updates of new products and sales to make a more beneficial buying decision.

If you still feel unsatisfied with their shipping policies or even need more consultation from real buyers, you can search for Reebok products on Amazon, eBay, U.s Patriot, or so on.

You can get yourself more reliable reviews and feedback from real customers on these online shopping platforms.

Therefore, you know which boot will work well in your situation.

Wrapping it up

Reebok Work Line is a perfect combination of style innovation and cutting-edge reinforcement technology, creating a wide range of durable and versatile tactical boot lines.

The brand sets a great goal for themselves in the development and production of the boot line that provides the wearer with the most protection and comfort throughout the day, no matter where you are working.

If you are searching for such outstanding lightweight, innovative foot support and stylish, this boot line is made for you.

If there is any doubt for the Reebok tactical boot line stuck inside your head? We hope this article is helpful to you.

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