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Do 6 Inch Tactical Boots Provide Ankle Support? 6 inch vs 8 inch boots

If you have a history of ankle sprains or a few breaks, a pair of good tactical boots can be your good choice to relieve these pains while walking.

Yet, do 6-inch tactical boots provide ankle support? Check out this article to find the answer.

When it comes to all-purpose boots especially for tactical operations, tactical boots can be seen as a good option due to their exceptional durability and the right level of foot support.

However, this type of boots come in a variety of functions, shapes and heights.

There are usually 2 types of well-recognized tactical boots in terms of height and function, known as 6 inch boots and 8 inch boots.

Wondering whether 6-inch and 8-inch tactical boots provide better ankle support and which one is better for your job? We will let you know.

Do 6 Inch Tactical Boots Provide Ankle Support?

Before evaluating whether 6 inch tactical boots offer ankle support, let’s figure out what features of the boots provide ankle support.

There are 5 important elements of the tactical boots that keep your feet both functional and healthy by contributing to ankle support, including shape, arch, midsole, outsole and height.

  • Shape

This element refers to how the boot fits you well. It means, the boot’s shape must leave you a completely enjoyable feeling while wearing it in the right size.

The shape of the tactical boots should be designed to hold the feet comfortably without being too tight or too loose or lacking in any space that causes unnatural walks or loses stability, risking ankle injuries.

  • Arch

This key part should have a soft design made of foot-friendly materials, helping to reduce the risk of frictional injuries when rubbing between socks, arches and toes.

A stiff arch also reduces the flexibility of your moves and puts more pressure on the ankle, causing ankle pains.

  • Outsole

One of the most important functions of the outsole for ankle support is shock-absorption.

The outsole‘s construction should be made of softer, more responsive and highly shock-resistant materials such as quality rubber or hard-plastic that can help to reduce the risk of trauma during rapid and sudden movements.

  • Midsole

This part plays an important role in supporting the foot.

The superb midsole also makes a big contribution to high shock-resistance to help avoid foot muscle tension when jumping, moving or carrying heavy loads.

Therefore, durable, responsive and moderately thick midsoles are highly recommended for better ankle supports.

  • Height

There are so many confusions over whether the height of the boots contributes to the ankle support.

According to an article by done by Oklahoma*, the doctors said that low-top boots are a better option for ankle support.

Low-top boots will strengthen ankles and enhance the motions that will prevent injuries in the long run. While high-top boots often act as a brace that decreases the flexibility of your moves and ankle functions in general.

With the above information, the answer to the question “Do 6 inch tactical boots provide ankle support?” is YES, they do.

Because 6 inch tactical boots are often made to help wearers to cope with strenuous conditions while keeping them comfortable.

In general, the boots feature ankle support with the proper shape, soft arch, durable midsole, shock-absorption outsole and convenient 6 inch height.

However, 6 inch tactical boots may only be suitable for use in certain circumstances such as running, hiking and so on.

Many other occupations and jobs that require better ankle and leg protections such as metal workers or hunters will demand a type of boots with a higher collar, such as 8 inch boots.

6 inch vs 8 inch tactical boots

In general, both 6 inch and 8 inch tactical boots deliver great ankle support, comfortability and durability. The biggest difference between 6 inch and 8 inch tactical boots is the height of their collar.

With the height of 2-inch taller, the 8 inch tactical boots provide better protection not only to the ankle but also to the foot calf from external objects hitting the legs, causing injuries or trauma.

This is extremely essential for metal workers, construction site workers, hunters, long patrol shift soldiers and so on to be safer under high-risk working conditions.

Meanwhile, the 6 inch tactical boots have athletic or more-like-a-sport designs that come with a close-to-the-ankle fit.

For that look, they provide more flexible moves that are suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, trad climbing, trekking and so on.

If you are still confused about the differences between the 6 inch and 8 inch tactical boots in terms of their functions and features, we have prepared the following table below for you to understand better.

6 inch tactical boots8 inch tactical boots
Weight and durability⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

In comparison, you can notice that 6 inch tactical boots provide better flexibility with a close-to-the-ankle collar design for people with mild to normal activities.

Meanwhile, 8 inch tactical boots offer greater protection and safety with a higher collar design for those who are often dealing with extreme conditions such as hot metal surfaces, fire sparks and so on.

6 inch tactical boots also come in a variety of modern designs and looks, making them a good option for both fashion and functional purposes.

Meanwhile, 8 inch tactical boots usually deliver professional looks that are excellent for working purposes.

That is why law enforcement professionals prefer the 8 inch type better than 6 inch tactical boots.

The weight and durability of both are relatively the same, depending on the quality of materials that are made of the boots.

Full-grain leather is always the best material for a high level of durability while suede and nylon textile fabrics give a better softness and breathability.

The Bottom Line

Aside from durability or good looks, the most important thing to consider when buying a pair of tactical boots is how much ankle support it is.

Because this factor directly affects the wearer’s foot health. There won’t be any worthy boots if they hurt your feet.

In general, both 6 inch and 8 inch tactical boots provide good ankle support, durability and comfortability.

However, if you’re still wondering whether to go with 6 inch or 8 inch tactical boots and why, we hope this article is helpful to you.

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