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What Tactical Boots Do Navy Seals Wear? | 7 Top Picks for Navy Soldiers

Think about Navy SEALs, we think about one of the most exclusive breeds of well-trained and well-equipped maritime warriors of the U.S Special Forces.

They are forcefully responsible for mission accomplishment to protect national interests.

They usually are on quiet marches and combats in many regions of the world.

As SEALs stand for Sea, Air and Land, these unique-breed soldiers will conduct plenty of training and tasks around, above, and under extreme marine terrains and conditions.

Since Navy SEALS are America’s finest and honored special forces that serve the country, their outfit, especially their tactical combat boots also attract the special attention of the outsiders.

This is considered one of the best footwear with function, support, and best protection for the feet.

Because it has been proven field on harsh air, land and under ocean terrains with Navy Seals warriors and widely received their trustworthiness and popularity.

Who wouldn’t want to wear such boots in their rough outdoor activity?

If you are planning to enlist on Boot Camp Training/BUD/S or just simply are sportsmen/adventurers that look for the best high-performance footwear, check out this article to make the right purchase/decision on Navy SEALs tactical boots.

If you’re looking for a pair of boots to wear in the Navy and don’t have much time to read through this article, we have the top 3 picks for you here!

Bates Men's GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip BootBates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot
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  • Rugged, slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Waterproof GORE-TEX membrane
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Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Military and Tactical BootDanner Men’s Tachyon 8 Inch Military and Tactical Boot
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  • Meets AR-670-1 Requirement
  • Breathable and removable insole
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Altama Men’s 10” Leather Combat BootAltama Men’s 10” Leather Combat Boot
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  • Old-style combat tactical boot
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Which tasks/ environments that Navy SEALs must go through (on training/reality)?

As ready-to-fight US army special forces, Navy Seals soldiers will be nominated to combat anywhere on the earth as long as the country calls on their protection mission.

Their battlefields include extreme underwater, air, and mainland around the marine.

Navy SEALs’ tasks

In general, Navy SEALs will have to conduct some exceptional missions that are full of danger and uncertainty, including:

  • Perform sea, air, or land infiltration to deploy covert operations, especially in any environment around the world.
  • Attack, capture, and defeat all designated targets (such as terrorists or high-value enemies) around the world.
  • Use specialized intelligence and reconnaissance methods to gather enemy’s information, installations, and movements.
  • Perform underwater reconnaissance missions and clear natural or man-made obstacles before rampaging/infiltrating/invading enemy facilities.

Navy SEALs’ environment

Navy SEALs will perform a series of intelligence operations, reconnaissance, amphibious, infiltration from surrounding areas to enemy target bases.

Their combat environment includes terrains/conditions such as:

  • The natural environments such as hills, forests, lakes, rivers, vegetation, soil, volcanoes, arctic, and Antarctica anywhere on the planet.

  • The human environment includes buildings, roads, industrial yards, scrap areas, or wherever man-made.

  • The physical environment such as rocky soil, air (hot, cold, dry, humid, wet), saltwater, soil (mud, sand, rotten soil), and weather (sunny, rain, wind, storm, snow, fog).

Navy SEALs professional training

In the ranks of Navy SEALs, being injured could be considered a disgrace.

Therefore, to be officially engaged in combat, they have to go through 24-26 weeks of extremely arduous and intensive training.

BUD/s phrase requires daily physical training up to 20 hours per day including yards of swimming on the sea, 50 push-ups in 2 minutes, 10 pull-ups in 2 minutes, and a 1.5-mile run.

Candidates must practice marksmanship on sea, air, land; dreadly drown-proofing, scuba diving, underwater knot tying, parachute training, and some academic courses (such as combat ethics and warrior core values).

During the SQT course, the future warriors will be fully equipped with tactical survival, resistance, escape, and evasion skills after successfully passing all specialized courses of gear training, cold-weather training, medical skills, demolitions, small unit tactics, land navigation, and maritime operations.

Navy Seal warriors are required to undergo training on many different harsh terrain types as mentioned above.

Therefore, there will be a lot of curiosity about what these elite special forces will wear.

In fact, when you officially enter the BUD/s or Navy SEALs’ mission, you will be granted to use specialized boots and allowed to use them during your training/duty.

They are also proven to be the most suitable and useful on any training terrain including coastline, quarrel, aerial, rocky outcrops, underwater …

Although Navy SEALs will do land, air, and sea missions, it doesn’t mean they’ll always wear “one size fits all” combat boots.

Each of their missions will be carefully planned in advance and prepare the most necessary equipment and combat tactical boots to suit the terrain and climatic conditions of the mission.

What are the key features of Navy SEALs tactical boot?

If you are a candidate looking for the right footwear in the Boot Camp phase or you are an adventurer or extreme outdoorsman, then a pair of tactical boots with features used by Navy Seals becomes very attractive.

Here are the features that should be included in your perfect tactical boots.


Lightweight should be the first thing you should look at.

Sometimes lightweight is not synonymous with durability. But for Navy SEALs, lightweight plays an extremely important role in running, tumbling, climbing and crawling onto a surface easily.

Lightweight tactical boots will come with flexibility, convenience, and fast packing.

Lightweight footwear will also make it easier to carry other equipment and gears on rough and uneven surfaces.

Maximum fast-drying

The fast-drying feature is one of the most essential features in any Navy SEALs tactical boots.

Since moving under the water is a big part of their mission, a fast-drying construction is so much in need of.

This footwear will be made from light, advanced and well-drained fabrics instead of leather to dry out as fast as possible.

For tasks that need to swim and move underwater before reaching land, boots will need drainage/vented holes in the surface to push water out faster.

Low-cut height also helps the fabric drying process more quickly.

Great traction outsole

The high traction outsole is indispensable.

Because the terrains that Navy SEALs have to overcome are extremely difficult and without any certainty.

It can be a slippery cliff, abyss, snowy mountain, or sand desert to reach the target.

A special rubber or material sole with good adhesion, lightness, and puncture resistance will provide greater foot protection.

Terrains such as rainforests/jungles with high humidity, dense, and slippery conditions require a higher-than-normal height rubber sole, with many deep grooves on the surface.

These deep trenches increase friction against dense vegetation to avoid slipping and better prevent water from seeping from the ground into the inside through the sole.

The desert tactical boots will have a medium sole height with shallow grooves on the sole surface.

Their tread patterns are often round and spread evenly over the entire surface, making them effective against slipping on the sand and preventing sand from sticking to the soleplate.

Shock absorption

The boot outsole design and materials are especially important for missions that involve jumping from an airplane or parachuting onto the front.

This requires the sole with excellent shock absorption, great adhesion to the ground, and flatter than normal to avoid damaging the foot.

Heel & toe reinforcement

Heel and toe reinforcement is another must. This feature is provided to serve a number of tasks that involve heavily terrestrial travel or into areas with multiple sharp surfaces.

The heel-padded and toe-padded materials will not be too heavy.

But they have excellent puncture and impact resistance to protect the foot more comprehensively as well as reduce unnecessary injuries.

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Boot construction

Equally important are the solid stitching, sturdy boot structure, and durable materials. While on quests, some battles last for months or a year.

In some cases that the equipment cannot supply in time to change, Navy SEAL warriors will be forced to wear the old outfit for as long as possible and continue to fight.

So, the tactical boots that are officially fitted to soldiers need certain durability that meet minimum requirements of approved standards by the United States Navy.

This quality comes from the use of high tear-resistant, scratch-resistant materials, a sturdy shoe structure, and wear-resistant stitching. Thanks to that, the boots can last for months and years.

This is also the reason why many outsiders are always looking for Navy Seals tactical combat boots because of their amazing durability.


There are also a few other features that are required in some other special fighting conditions such as waterproofness (in humid and wet conditions), insulation (in deep cold and snow), high neck (for jungle / Arctic / Antarctic/desert) and low neck (in underwater conditions).

Comfort is also essential. It usually comes from the midsole with a thick cushion to help prevent shock and reduce foot fatigue and pains after a long day of operation.

Standards of Navy SEALs tactical boots?

Navy SEALs team is an elite unique-breed squad. They perform the most difficult and infrequent quests, on all types of terrain (you can’t even imagine it at all) to approach and attack the intended targets.

Therefore, the research of tactical combat boots of Navy SEALs also does not follow certain standards and is as strict as other Army branches.

As long as those boots will ensure to minimize the difficulties and risks that the wearers may face.

Below are some of the officially approved tactical combat boots for military use by Navy SEALs in certain terrain conditions.

GSG9 Boot – Land combat tactical boots

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These German quality land tactical boots are officially issued to US Navy SEALs and US Army special forces. This is a kind of multipurpose combat boots that can work well on land terrains such as mountain, jungle, or industrial/chemical zones.

It features a special nubbed rubber outsole with extreme grip and traction on slippery/oil/water/wet surfaces without squeak effects.

Triple toe reinforcement provides excellent protection from kicking against a hard brick wall or hard objects.

Flame-resistant coating, abrasion-resistant leather is made for pursuit in industrial and chemical areas that can cause fire or explosion.

Cushioned PU midsole is lightweight and well-supported for walking and running all day long.

Minimal design, solid construction, and high collar will hold up well and fit comfortably for the warriors.

Altama boots &  Bates boots – Jungle/desert tactical combat boots

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The well-known Altama boots have served in the US Army and USMC for long periods of time.

The first thing we notice clearly about this boot is the special thickened rubber outsole.

Jungle/mountain/desert are such kind of extremely rugged and abrasive terrains with wet leafy, dense bushes, burnt dry sand, and sharp rocks.

Thickened rubber outsoles with deep grooves will provide excellent grip and traction on all kinds of these extreme surfaces.

Besides, mid-calf height gives a better aid to prevent bites from venomous snakes/insects in the jungle/desert/forest.

A big plus is great durability and comfort from endurable stitching, solid construction, and highly anti-abrasion materials.

Bates boots are one of such outstanding official jungle US Navy SEALs combat footwear.

They specially feature DuraShock Comfort System with gel pads in the heel and forefoot to withstand shock and impact much better.

This is very helpful as Navy SEALs warriors will have to jump out from high points/tanks or conduct peak performance.

It also greatly helps reduce shocks while also absorbs strong impact that may cause numbness after jumping down or even broken legs.

The energy-return function will lighten every step of the wearers while walking on inclined/uneven surfaces.

Besides, the boots breathe pretty well with nylon upper in humid/hot conditions such as jungle/forests.

Fiberglass shanks, Speedlace system enhance better protection over the feet.

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Hi-Tec Magnum Boots – Protection land tactical combat boots

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Magnum is a 35-years-of-history military footwear manufacturer in the U.S.  Their first Magnum boots were created for FBI training with direct demands of lightweight, high-performance and comfortable tactical footwear.

Therefore, no wonder why a number of Navy SEALs combat boots were researched, developed and manufactured by Magnum.

Magnum Elite Special Forces boots are well-known for their athletic fit, comfortable and well-protected.

Hi-Tec Magnum boots feature outstanding impact-resistant midsole. It is a must for protecting soldiers from strong external impacts in intelligence operations, pursuing and fighting while on quests.

The rubber outsole with deep grooves delivers excellent grip, traction, and stability on wet/rocky/slippery/snowy surfaces.

USMC Infantry Combat Boots

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This version comes with 2 lines, protective 100% full leather and breathable leather & cordura nylon upper.

The boots are made specially for rugged and rocky jungle/mountain/forest terrains due to deep-grooved rubber tread patterns. They greatly improve stability and balance when walking on those surfaces.

The thick cushion midsole is significantly shock-absorbent to prevent foot fatigue and shin splints.

Solid stitching and box toe give better comfort and durability.

Steel shanks or steel toe (optional) are made for comprehensive protection.

Navy SEAL corral boots – Swim/Corral boots

This is an official swim/coral Navy SEAL boots.

They are made from rugged canvas that is super durable and fast-drying. This material won’t weigh the steps down when it gets completely wet.

Minimal design, lightweight, and several drainage holes will promote smooth swimming when under the water as well as fast walking when on the land.

A short collar makes the moves, swimming, and diving convenient and minimum discomfort.

Drainage holes will not cause water to stand inside, so the boots will dry more quickly under sunlight and heat.

However, this boot has a minimum cushion, therefore it is rather ideal for being underwater than walking on land.

7 Best recommended Navy SEALs style tactical boots

These Navy SEALs tactical boots mentioned above are seen as very classic and old-style versions.

Therefore, if you are looking for Navy/Navy SEALs-style tactical boots for any outdoor activity or Boot Camp training, we’ve got some of the highly recommended options for you.

Yet, keep in mind that real official Navy SEALs boots are not easy for any civilian to own and use.

They are special squads and often do not operate regularly, so their official combat tactical boots seem not to be too military-compliant, but are rather designed and used based on actual terrains.

Danner Men’s Tachyon 8″ Military and Tactical Boot

Some veteran Navy corpsmen have rated these Danner Men’s Tachyon 8″ tactical boots a very excellent quality and foot support, even better than authorized USMC-issued boots. They rock their day with better comfortability when being on their feet for almost 12 hours per day.

The boots are indeed lightweight and support not having any issue or foot pains at the end of the long walking day.

Click for more information on Amazon

Yet, they may not be a great option for extreme rugged/rocky terrains. Other uneven and fairly rocky surfaces seem to be fine.

The wearers won’t experience wet feet all day long due to their well-ventilated construction. Therefore, it is ideal for hot and desert conditions.

Soft and fit full-grain construction gives a better hold up on your legs right out of the box.

The coyote option pairs perfectly with the OCP uniform.

Overall, Danner tactical combat boots rarely disappoint you for their quality and performance.


  • Minimal, lightweight full-grain leather and upper nylon
  • 8 inches height
  • Excellent multi-directional grippy and traction rubber outsole
  • Breathable removable insole
  • Well-ventilated vent holes on the sole
  • Available in Coyote and Black


  • It may not be ideal for extreme rugged terrains

Bates Men’s 8″ Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

These Bates Men 8″ Ultralite Tactical Military Boots are highly welcome by Navy/ Navy SEALs corpsman. They are by far more comfortable and lightweight than other authorized Army boots.

If you ever had callus and bumps on your feet due to years of duty performance before, your feet feel smooth and soft perfectly on these boots.

The boots have good ventilation, yet are also solid-constructed enough for the wearers to work on snow, hot summer, and through the rain.

Click for more information on Amazon

High-performance side zipper delivers a smooth on-off process for a comfortable fastpacking while on quests.

The boots require almost no break-in and hold up well on all kinds of terrains. This is due to the great multi-directional circular and rectangular patterned rubber outsole.

However, a big minus is the lack of steel toe/composite toe which is required to wear in the Navy. But for any extreme outdoors out there, they make a perfect choice for the wearers.

Some are impressed by the boot’s durability. They can even last for up to a year with 20-25 miles of patrol every week.


  • Quality, lightweight leather, and nylon upper
  • Excellent grippy, non-slip rubber outsole on any land terrains
  • Well-stitched, durable materials
  • Breathable cushioned insole
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • YKK side zipper provided
  • Available in Coyote and Black colors


  • Lack of toe protection

Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Military Tactical Work Boots

One of the best Boot Camp training tactical boots, these Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Military Tactical boots are more than just hard-trained boots.

Solid construction is something you will notice at first. It gives an excellent grasp to your ankle and legs. This is very vital, especially when you are climbing in the mid-air on the cargo net.

Click for more information on Amazon

Besides, the advanced synthetic outsole with rectangle tread patterns across the soleplate provides high traction on wet/slippery/sandy/rocky terrains.

There is almost no issue with climbing on hills or running through large puddles. Your feet remain the same dry and comfy feel.

For any soldier/warriors, a pair of comfortable boots mean everything since they will run/walk/climb/roll for miles all day long.

The feeling of happy feet at the end of the day is such a blessing. With these Maelstrom boots, you will find them comfortable right out of the box with just a little break-in period.


  • Quality, lightweight leather and textile upper
  • This version is available in Zipper, Waterproof, Insulated lines
  • Maximum traction synthetic outsole
  • 8 inches height and padded collar for better comfort
  • Semi sturdy heel-and-toe reinforcement


  • Moderate durability

Altama Men’s 10” Leather Combat Boot Tactical Boots

Altama has been a more-than-40-years Mil-Spec boot manufacturer for the U.S DoD. These Altama Men 10″ Leather Combat tactical boots make a great option for Navy corpsmen who spend up to 16 hours staying on their feet all day long.

This version has fairly the same design as 4155 Altama Jungle Military Boots that are officially used by Navy SEALs and other special forces.

Altama Men’s 10” Leather Combat Boot | Slip and Water Resistant Tactical Footwear | Black - 9.5 D(M)
Click image for more info on Amazon

Yet, these boots are 100% water-resistant full-grain leather for extended longevity and durability.

Their special thickened, deep-grooved Ro-Search Lug tread patterns make them a perfect option for jungle/mountain terrains.

The vulcanized rubber outsole exceeds ASTM F2913-11 for slip resistance on extreme rock, uneven and wet surfaces.

10 inches height adds more protection to the ankles from snakes, venomous insects, and dense bushes in jungle/forest/mountain.

Overall, many rated these boots overly comfortable right out of the box with a little break-in period.


  • 100% full-grain leather with 10 inches height shaft
  • ASTM F2913-11 slip-resistant vulcanized rubber outsole
  • Thermoplastic heel-and-toe box for extra protection and lightweight
  • Available in black polishable color
  • Old-style combat tactical boots


  • Moderate durability

Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-Tex Insulated Waterproof Boot

There are plenty of things you will like about these Bates Men’s Gx-8 Gore-Tex Insulated Waterproof boots.

Firstly, the boots enhance heat retention inside in a gentle way without overly heating and building up sweat/moisture on your feet.

This is due to the Gore-Tex Insulated lining technology that is both waterproof and insulated.

As a result, you feel the boots breathe well in cold/sub-zero temperatures while keeping your feet warm and dry at the same time.

Click for more information on Amazon

For those who often do patrol jobs many hours every day on the road or rural terrains, these boots are highly recommended for anti foot-fatigue and fighting against the cold.

Ergonomic and “fit” collar and upper offer a minimum break-in period (often right out of the box) without much scratching on your calf.

Many said they have great ankle support for long patrol and all day long standing on your feet.

Besides, the appropriate level of waterproofness makes them a great choice for snow.

The side zipper seems to be luxury stuff for military use.


  • Quality, waterproof leather and synthetic upper
  • Great traction rubber outsole on wet/icy/snowy surfaces
  • 200g Thinsulate Insulation provided
  • Padded collar for extra comfort and warmth
  • Thick-cushioned insole


  • Ineffective use of side zipper in cold/wet weather

Bates Men’s 11″ Paratrooper Side Zip Boot

A great pair of Bates Men 11″ Paratrooper Side Zip Boots is specially made for paratrooper /jumping activity and you don’t have much to complain about.

The rubber outsole with special tread patterns provides great traction for multi-directional grip on inclined/uneven surfaces.

Besides, soft and properly thick rubber material gives better shock absorption when landing on the ground.

Click for more information on Amazon

11″ height is great for preventing scratches and irritations when landing on bushes, thorns or dense vegetation. However, this feature seems not to be convenient for walking and running.

The boots are durable, lightweight and well-protected for long marches and all day long patrols due to greatly supportive ankle support.

A dense Lace-up system makes the boots fit better and tighter when wearing. A decent black polishable toe is great for uniform dressing.

Another minus is that the boots take a tough period of break-in.


  • Quality 100% leather for durability
  • Great traction thickened rubber outsole
  • Additional Side Zipper for easy on-off process
  • 11″ shaft for better protection


  • Less cushion
  • Moderate durability

Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Waterproof Side Zip Boot

These Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex waterproof tactical boots are a pretty good option for military/special forces use in wet conditions.

The excellent rugged rubber outsole features omnidirectional grooves tread patterns that are highlighted with the perfect grip on heel bottom and toe bottom.

Patrol and tactical operations on the rain/wet conditions will be free of slipping so far.

Click for more information on Amazon

Besides, the GORE-TEX membrane keeps the feet dry and cozy from moisture and sweat inside.

Outstanding waterproof allows the wearers to walk/run for miles without water seeping in. However, keep in mind that this feature will not work the same in all situations.

Some will also experience wet feet after running through rains/large puddles/deep creeks.

A big plus is that the boots are super comfortable when being on the feet for up to 12 hours every day. So they are ideal for long patrol and tactical operations all day long.


  • Quality, waterproof leather and nylon upper
  • Waterproof GORE-TEX membrane for moisture-wick
  • High-performance YKK side zip provided
  • Thick cushioned insole
  • Super rugged, slip-resistance rubber outsole
  • Available in black color


  • Moderate durability

Before you leave

Finding a pair of tactical boots on a given terrain can be an easy task, but finding one that works well both in the air, on land, and in water is an extremely real headache question.

Sometimes you will have to pay the cost of traumatic experiences (from footwear failures) to find out which ones are best suited to you.

We greatly understand how admired and respected you are to Navy SEALs combat tactical boots. But these dedicated boots used officially for Navy SEALs missions seem not to appear to have been commercialized so far.

If you are looking for the best Navy/Navy SEALs style boots, these recommended options above have been rated excellently by veteran Navy/Navy SEALs corpsmen.

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