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How To Release Your Tactical Boots Easily? | 6 Effective Tips

Everything in life is not a smooth sail. With every joy, there always comes little fatigue. The same is the case with tactical boots.

Though, they provide commendable safety and comfort along with style and elegance, releasing them could be a little tiring and unexciting.

Tactical boots are among the list of boots that are hard to release.

But the good news for you is that we are here with some fun and the convenient method you can apply to release your long tactical boots effortlessly.

You are lucky enough to be in the right spot if you are wondering how to release tactical boots easily.

How to release your tactical boots?

It is an undeniable fact that, unlike other traditional boots, tactical boots need more effort and time.

But with the right and decent hacks, you can easily manage this.

Before you begin, however, make sure you loosen the laces on the ankle.

The top of the tactical boots should be wide enough for your entire foot to slip through.

Here are some very practical, easy, and interesting methods of releasing your tactical boots with ease.

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1. Use a boot jack

First and foremost, the most useful and convenient method of releasing your tactical boots is through boot Jack.

Sit back and relax and get a useful boot jack. Just hold the boot jack with one foot to make it stable and put the other foot in the hook of the boot jack and pull it out.

This method is as easy as a child’s play. There are no hard and fast rules for using a boot jack. You can use it as you want.

Boots jacks are great aid during rainy days where you want to remove your wet tactical boots without touching them.

You can remove your boots with it by sitting on a chair or sofa or while standing as well.

Boots jacks are widely used all over the world for various boots to get them removed effortlessly.

How To Easily Remove Your Boots

Advantage of using a jack

  • Most convenient method
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Helps in releasing boots without touching them
  • Easy to use

The disadvantage of using a jack

  • If your tactical boots have laces and you just remove them using a boot jack, you might have to untie your boot laces while wearing them again.

2. Use shoe horn

Another easy and practical method of releasing your tactical boots is through the Shoe horn.

If your tactical boots have too tight heels you can use a shoe horn to release your boots.

Shoe horn not only helps your foot glide in the boots but also assists in releasing the boots.

Just put the shoe horn on the heel of the boot, then slide the wearer’s heel in or out, and release your tactical boots. It is as easy as abc.

As tactical boots have a long shaft, it will be easier if you do it while standing.

There are several types of shoe horns available in the market. Make sure to buy one with a long handle size for your tactical boots.

I myself often use this method to take off my annoying boots.

Advantage of using a shoe horn

  • A comfortable way to release your boots
  • Cause no damage to the boots
  • Very easy to use
  • Shoe horns are also very cheap and durable


  • Shoehorn might be helpful in putting on your tactical boots rather than releasing them.

3. Use powder or dryer

You can never be sure about the weather. It can rain anytime. Besides, you might face many wet surfaces on your way.

Removing wet tactical boots can really be annoying and irritating.

In this regard, to get rid of any such feeling you can use any household powder or dryer while removing your wet tactical boots.

In case your tactical boots are not comfortably removed with a dryer, use any household powder (baby powder, cornstarch, talcum powder).

When you use powder on wet tactical boots, it makes them slippery and you can easily remove your boots afterward.

While applying this method, you don’t need to dry the entire boot or use powder on every part of the boots. Just make sure that the topline of boots and shaft is soft and slippery.

In addition to easy removal, this method will help your boots get dry swiftly. Surely, water is not good for any pair of boots.

In addition to household powder and dryer, there is also a specialized product for drying boots called a boot dryer.

If you have too many boots in your family, using a hairdryer or household powder does not seem really feasible. Boot dryer will be a better choice.

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Advantage of using powder and dryer

  • Application of household powder makes boots slippery
  • Reduces moisture
  • Hairdryer and household powders are easily available in almost every home
  • Boot dryer has the effect of drying boots quickly and effectively
  • Easy to use

The disadvantage of using powder and dryer

  • Especially powder, using it on wet tactical boots will surely create a little mess that you have to clean before you use tactical boots for next time.

4. Use boots stretchers and boot stretch sprays

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Going further, one cannot neglect the importance of a good boot stretcher in releasing tactical boots.

The boots that are tight to put on, will definitely be a pain in the head when you start removing them.

Stretch well the boots properly before you put them on the feet.

Properly use stretch spray on tactical boots before stretching them. The spray will relax the fiber of the boots and save you from breaking the boots.

Insert the plugs inside the tactical boots. Focus on the toe and heel cap; this is where more stretching is needed.

Make sure you leave the stretcher inside the boots for more than 8 hours, before you put them on.

You will only be able to release your tactical boots easily if you have stretched them properly.

Using a boot stretcher will not only help you in the smooth release of your boots but also save your feet from the tightness and discomfort of new boots.

Advantages of using boot stretchers

  • If your boot size is not available you can use it
  • Can be used for all footwears
  • Most stretchers come with a handle and long shaft boots can be easily stretched with booty stretchers
  • Easy to use

The disadvantage of using boot stretchers

  • Might break boots if not used properly

5. Socks make boots release easy

Another factor that makes the removal of tactical boots very easy is the use of socks.

Try to use long socks with tactical boots.

Sock not only provides a bit of comfort but also helps in pulling out tactical boots off the feet very easily because socks enhance smoothness.

No one can deny the moisture-controlling quality of the sock. Sock reduces moisture and the release of tactical boots becomes easier and pleasant.

Apart from helping you release your tactical boots, wearing socks will also save you from smelly feet and foot irregularities caused by bacteria infections.

Don’t miss wearing some decent socks before you put on your tactical boots.

Advantages of wearing socks

  • Saves from the smell and infections caused by bacteria
  • Provides smoothness and reduces friction while the release of boots
  • Reduces moisture
  • Easy to use

The disadvantage of wearing socks

  • Wearing long socks before tactical boots doubles the activity time

6. Use lubricants

Last but not least, you cannot rule out the use of lubricants for boot removal. Though not the most preferred method for releasing tactical boots can be used in some situations.

If your tactical boots are stuck badly and other methods are not working or applicable properly, you can use lubricants like oil and lotion to remove your boots.

Lubricants will remove the friction between the boots and feet and accommodate easy release.

Use them on the topline and shaft of boots, especially heel caps. This is where you need assistance in releasing your tactical boots.

Remember that this method will surely make a slight mess inside your expensive tactical boots, and have to clean it afterward.

This method can be used in a situation where there is no other way working for you.

Advantage of using lubricants

  • Softens the fabric of boots
  • Eases the friction of leather
  • Prevents feet from getting scratched
  • Easy to use

The disadvantage of using lubricants

  • Lubricants are not cheap, you cannot use them frequently just for removing your boots.


Removing tactical boots can surely be very hectic. Thus, the right strategies and practical hacks can be a great advantage.

The methods mentioned, varying from boot jack to lubricants are very convenient methods that will accommodate very easy removal of tactical boots.

All such methods are of great use to those who regularly use tactical boots. No matter what the condition of your tactical boots is, you can effortlessly release them by using mentioned methods of releasing tactical boots.

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