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What To Wear With Tactical Boots? How Do You Style Them?

Tactical boots are best for outdoor activities due to their comfortability and safety. Looking for recommendations for what/how to wear with tactical boots? Get the answer with our free guide below.

If you are about to take your first multi-day hiking trip next month, you will likely need to look for suitable shoes now.

If you are working as a metal worker who is often surrounded by fires and hot metal surfaces, you possibly desire heat-resistant boots.

Nothing could be a better recommendation for your outdoor outfits than getting yourself a great pair of all-purpose tactical boots.

Tactical boots, originated from military use, were specially made for soldiers to comfortably maneuver in harsh terrains under extreme weather conditions.

By the time, tactical boots have been traded freely in the world market and becoming available for anyone who may want to wear them.

Since we first heard about this type of boots during our military time, there seems to be some confusion over what and how to dress it well on a daily basis.

In this article, we will look at some ways to style the boots with clothes and accessories that you can use to get dressed more functional and useful while doing outdoor activities.

How To Wear Tactical Boots? What To Wear With Tactical Boots?

Tactical boots are the best item for you to both do outdoor exercises or work under extreme conditions. Yet it wouldn’t be perfectly adequate if you don’t pay attention enough to pick the right clothes and accessories that suit the design of the boots.

Depending on certain situations, types of pants, shirts and accessories that you may wear with will also vary.

Normally, this type of clothes is differentiated into 2 categories: tactical designs (heavy-duty) and casual designs (normal conditions).

Let’s take a look at both options and find out what is best for you.

What pants to wear with tactical boots?

Tactical pants

The tactical pants aren’t something like your ordinary jeans or cargo pants. This special design is made to optimize the speed-focused movements and intelligent storage options. It is all about keeping your moves faster and more tactical.

These pants are usually made of advanced fabrics which are wrinkle-resistant, softer and stain-resistant.

The water-proofing on the outer surface and sleek performance make it the best option for your long day hikes under wet weather conditions or working on watery surfaces.

Both men’s and women’s pants are designed in a more athletic fit form with reduced leg volume.

Tactical pants and tactical boots

Casual cargo pants

Casual cargo pants come with a very stretchy design which allows you to move gently and more resiliently.

The biggest advantage of this design is to leave a lightweight feeling on your body when every ounce of backpack matters while traveling to work or during your long hike.

The pants are often developed with comfortable fit designs and simple back pockets that allow wearers to move easily even in complicated motions. A good ventilation feature makes it breathable and lightweight.

If the comfy fit and simple pocket setup are all you up for, this casual cargo pant is perfect for you.

Jean pants

Jean pants may not sound like a good outfit for outdoor exercises but there are also good reasons to try.

Denim fabric is impressively durable, breathable and abrasion-resistant making it a good choice to protect your legs from cuts and scrapes. This material used to be the most popular option amongst construction workers many decades ago.

Due to its modern look, no wonder why this type of pants will be the best fashionable item to pair with your tactical boots.

Should I tuck pants inside the boots?

Decide to tuck pants inside the boots or not, it depends largely on how much productive to be contributed to your movements.

Tactical boots usually have high collar designs in comparison to traditional hiking/ casual sporty shoes. So, tucking the pants inside the boots can help to reduce the feeling of entanglement when the opening leg of the pants will not come loose anymore.

This is even more important when you need to move quickly or come across slippery and watery terrains while hiking or working.

If you’re going to do hiking in a group, some tour guides may require you to tuck pants inside the boots for easier and quicker movements all day long.

Some people may feel uncomfortable doing it because it is not easy to keep the pant’s leg stable inside all the time while jumping up or sitting down. When you are at rest, you can feel free to take your pant’s leg off your boots.

What shirts to wear with tactical boots?

There are 2 types of highly recommended shirts to wear with the boots for both men and women: tactical designs (shirts and jackets) and casual designs (shirts).

Tactical shirts

Tactical shirts come with a great look that is both fashionable and fitting for outdoor exercises as well as outdoor work under the hot and tropical weather.

A specially improved light texture provides the ability to dry out moisture quickly making you feel comfy, breathable and sweat-free all day long.

If you are not so interested in ironing shirts every day, this design with wrinkle-free and stain-resistant features are all things that you’ve been looking for.

The thick and soft UPF 30 fabric provides great protection against UV exposure to prevent potential harmful skin damages.

Most tactical shirt designs are sort of unisex which is suitable to wear for both genders.

We suggest you get some neutral pigments such as light grey or camo and strictly avoid buying deep-dark colors that will likely heat up more than light and neutral colors.

Tactical jackets

Tactical jackets appear to be one of the worthiest pieces of clothes for outdoor activities under the cold and snowy weather.

This design is made particularly with a super durable and thick texture such as fleece and nylon.

It is often 100% water-resistant, water-proof and moisture-wicking that assists you in surviving your stuff in pockets.

Some hidden pockets and ample storages for concealed carry are a big plus and really essential to survive in some emergencies under extreme working conditions.

The colors of tactical jackets come with a variety of fashionable options but we suggest getting deep-dark pigments for better maintenance.

Casual cotton shirts

This casual cotton hiking shirt is perfect to wear while hiking or on a daily basis.

It is often made of high-quality soft cotton – polyester blended fabrics which are perfectly comfy, breathable and highly elastic.

It also provides the moisture-wicking feature to stay sweat-free all day long.

What accessories to wear with tactical boots?

Outfit yourself from head to toe with tactical items should never forget to include these important accessories such as belts, caps, knee and elbow protection pads.

Tactical Belts

A good tactical belt should have an ergonomic design with a quick and comfortable attach-detach capacity. It also needs a varying male/female buckle that provides fast and convenient fit-and-forget wearability.

The belt comes in a variety of fashionable colors but we suggest looking for ones that suit the color of your pants and boots.

Tactical Cap

A suitable tactical cap should come with a convenient and fit adjustable snapback for a personalized fit.

A high-quality fade-resistant poly/cotton fabric with mesh back panels is a big plus which allows it to be more breathable and comfortable.

The colors may vary but we suggest picking up camo/black pigments for better maintenance.

Tactical knee and elbow protection

Knee and elbow protection pads are designed to reduce significantly the external pressure that may cause injuries to your knee and elbow during your quick movements.

The fabrics, materials and technologies used for shock absorption play a big role in how effective the products are.

It also requires adjustable, silent and durable straps to stay in place without slipping. Black, tan and camo colors are most common that suit any overall outfits.

Tactical eyewear

One of the best and most important protective tactical gear for the eyes is Tactical eyewear.

Most tactical operators often use tactical sunglasses to counteract the effects of light on the eyes and make viewing during operation more efficient.

The five most important factors to consider when buying tactical glass are lens color, VLT- visible light transmission, lens coating, lens materials, and frame materials.

  • Lens color
  1. Dark-toned glasses: great for daily use and for outdoor activities.
  2. Light-toned lenses: perfect for medium to low-light conditions.
  • VLT – Visual light transmission
  1. VLT ranging from 0 to 19%: suitable for bright and sunny conditions (daytime conditions).
  2. VLT ranging from 20 to 40%: suitable for daily use with ordinary activities (all-purpose).
  3. VLT ranging from 41% to 79% (40 +%): suitable for low light conditions. (overcast, low-light condition)
  4. VLT ranging from 80% or more (80-90 +%): suitable for use at night, clear surroundings (dim, night condition).
  • Lens coating

The more coats tactical eyewears have, the higher their cost. Good-quality tactical sunglass may require some important features such as:

  1. A hydrophobic coating keeps water away from getting on the lens
  2. An anti-scratch layer provides better anti-abrasion on the surface
  3. An anti-fog layer blocks the accumulation of water vapor in humid environments
  4. An anti-ultraviolet (UV treatment) layer helps protect against UV rays like UVA and UVB
  • Lens materials

The materials used to process sunglasses affect their clarity, weight, durability, and, of course, cost.

There are the 3 most common lens materials used widely today:

  1. CR-39 Plastic (breakable and unsafe, not much recommended)
  2. Polycarbonate (most commonly used)
  3. Trivex (highly recommended)
  • Frame materials

Frames are just as important as lenses because they contribute to comfort, durability, and safety when wearing sunglasses.

Flexon, Nylon and Titanium are the most popular materials to make tactical sunglasses today.

Tactical gloves

One of the most essential tactical gears that give the wearers the best grip and protection is tactical gloves.

There are several tactical gloves for a wide variety of users and uses on the market today.

If you’re professional law enforcement, look for good quality tactical shooting gloves.

This type of gloves is often softly thin, highly anti-slippery, and makes you feel your equipment well to do a perfect action.

Besides, there are also tons of other options based on their functionalities for you to consider such as military gloves for all-purpose conditions, winter gloves for cold conditions, or waterproof gloves for diving.


How do you style tactical boots?

That would be a real omission if you buy tactical boots without buying tactical clothes (pants, shirts, jackets) and accessories (belts, cap, knee and elbow protection).

A full set will be giving you 100% speed-focused movements, comfortability and safety.

Look no further than our recommended list of clothes and accessories above to find yourself the best options to wear.

What to wear with tan tactical boots?

A pair of tan tactical boots seem to look super cool and appealing.

Most types of tactical boots provide the water-proof feature on the outer surface that prevents it from getting dirty. Thus, it is no worry to clean up the boots everyday.

The same tan tactical pants will be a good option to mix with.

You can pick for yourself a black/camo/neutral jacket that is stain-resistant for better maintenance.

How to wear black tactical boots men?

Black tactical boots for men give you the most common basic color that is unchallenging to style with other clothes and accessories.

You can pick for yourself the same black tactical pants and black tactical shirts / tactical jackets to be consistent in your style.

If you’d like to have a camo tactical shirt, we suggest choosing tan pants or black pants for a proper look.

Do you have to be a cop to wear tactical boots?

Tactical boots are traded freely in the market and became more well-liked by thousands of professional hikers, sporty civilians and professional protectors due to its weather-proofing, high level of leg protection and comfortability.

For that reason, you do not have to be a cop to wear tactical boots.

The Bottom Line

In fact, the tactical boots can be used for a wide variety of work and outdoor activities. These include some outdoor exercises such as hiking, rock climbing and adventures as well as distinctive job fields such as law enforcement, security and so on.

What to wear and how to wear with tactical boots depend mostly on your finance, personal styles and requirements of work.

We hope the article above is useful for your outfit plan!

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