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What Is The Best Brand Of Tactical Boots? | 10 Best Brands

When you will embark on a mission to find out the best brand of tactical boots, you will find an infinite loop.

There are hundreds of manufacturers who are making tactical boots. It could be a very difficult and frustrating task to find out what is the best brand of tactical boots.

We thoroughly understand the dilemma and try to bring you the solution.

We have tried to make many things easier and do the job for you if you are looking for the best brands of tactical boots.

What is the best brand of tactical boots?

Against all odds, we have tried our level best to bring you the best brands for tactical boots. Here is an extensively-researched list of brands that make the best tactical boots.

1. Under Armour

Among several brands of tactical boots, Under Armour is doubtlessly one of the best brands of tactical boots.

It is a U.S-based sports equipment company that was found in 1996. The brand is famous all over the world and possesses operational offices around the globe.

The noteworthy products of the Under Armour brand are athletic shoes, T-shirts, tactical boots, pants, jackets, hoodies, leggings, bags, gloves, and protective gears.

The tactical boots of the Under Armour brand are one of the most praiseworthy products of the brand.

PROS: the tactical boots of this brand are lightweight and fancy in appearance.

One of the finest and most cherished tactical boots of the Under Armour brand are Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 with Zipper Military and Tactical.

If you are looking for lightweight tactical boots, Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 Military and Tactical boots are a matchless choice. These boots weigh just 15 ounces.


The Free Soldier is another wonderful brand of tactical boots. It is a China-based brand that manufactures protective and adventure gear.

This brand has been functioning for more than ten years now and maintains warehouses in China, U.S.A, Russia, the EU, and Spain.

The Free Soldier provides almost all required gear for outdoor adventures like hiking, traveling, fishing, trekking, camping, motorcycling, and more.

The offered products of this brand are tactical boots, jackets, gloves, pants, shorts, glasses, night goggles, scarfs, hunting binoculars, ski masks, motorcycle masks, and more.

The tactical boots of Free Soldiers are worth trying.

PROS: the tactical boots of the Free Soldier brand are very versatile. You can conveniently use their tactical boots for various activities like hiking, motorcycling, trekking, construction, military exercises, patrols, and more.

One of the most valued and liked tactical boots of the Free Soldier brand are FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Boots 6 Inches Boots for Hiking Work Boots.

These boots of the Free Soldier brand can be a great comfort and a trustable partner for your hiking adventure.

3.  5.11

Among several significant brands that are best for tactical boots, 5.11 has its own charm and fame.

Five-eleven tactical is a U.S-based company that belongs to the clothing industry. This brand has been working successfully for the past two decades and holds head-quarter in California.

The prominent products of this brand are uniforms, gloves, boots, knives, pants, belts, bags, shirts, and various tactical equipment.

The tactical boots of 5.11 can be a great delight for people belonging to different professions like military, construction, transportation, public-safety work, and more.

PROS: 5.11 has a better record of providing tactical boots for the law enforcement personnel. This brand makes the best tactical boots for law enforcement.

It was difficult to pick the best tactical boots from the bucket of the 5.11 brand. We are sure 5.11 Tactical Men’s ATAC 1.0 Waterproof Military Storm Boots stands well on their merit.

These boots of the 5.11 tactical brand can be a perfect match for the military and law enforcement personnel.

4. Maelstrom

Here is another noteworthy brand for the tactical boots for you. It’s Maelstrom. This brand mainly specializes in footwear.

This is also a U.S-based brand that has been providing wonderful footwear for more than one decade.

The products that Maelstrom makes are tactical boots, uniforms for law enforcement, shoes, insoles, jackets, laces, and more.

Maelstrom also enjoys a great reputation for its footwear for the military and other forces. Its tactical boots are at top of the list of its product lines.

PROS: most tactical boots of Maelstrom contain zippers and are very lightweight.

The worth and importance of the Maelstrom brand for tactical boots can be well summarized from these boots: Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Tactical Work Boots.

Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force Tactical Work Boots will surely be an excellent pick for you if you are looking for tactical boots that are good for the military and work as well.

5. Original S.W.A.T

It will be a grave injustice if we do not include Original S.W.A.T in our cherry-picked list of best brands of tactical boots.

This brand designed its very first boot in 1999. This brand of tactical boots is also U.S-based.

Original S.W.A.T specializes in tactical boots for elite commandos. They make different kinds of tactical and athletic boots.

Besides, this brand also makes dress shoes, safety masks, and antimicrobial neck gaiters as well.

PROS: Original S.W.A.T’s best performing tactical boots are made with tactical operators in mind.

From the wide range of tactical products that Original S.W.A.T offers, their Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Classic 9-Inch Tactical Boots are one of the best.

These boots of Original S.W.A.T are specialty designed for law enforcement personnel to upgrade their gears and performance.


FILA is another great brand of tactical boots. This Italian brand has its own glamour and reputation.

This brand is older than a century and enjoys a great reputation in the field of footwear. This brand is even more famous in the world of sports.

FILA has a huge bucket of product lines. The most notable are sports shoes, boots, jackets, sneakers, shorts, sports shirts, and more.

The tactical boots of FILA also enjoy a majestic reputation in the market.

PROS: Fila tactical boots are very lightweight and have very attractive prices.

From this wonderful brand of tactical boots, Fila Men’s Stormer Tactical Boot Food Service boots are their top offering.

If you belong to the foodservice industry and looking for hard and rigorous boots for yourself then Fila Men’s Stormer Tactical Boots are great for you. Even the peanut oil won’t bother these tactical boots.


NORTIV 8 is another remarkable brand that makes the best tactical boots.

NORTIV 8 brand makes a wide range of military boots, hiking boots, snow boots, work boots, utility boots, water shoes, sandals, and more. The brand is U.S-based and belongs to the clothing and footwear industry.

This brand of tactical boots has been in operation for the past couple of years.

PROS: The tactical boots of NORTIV 8 also have a very attractive design and are affordable. Their ankle support is also commendable.

NORTIV 8 Men’s Military Tactical Boots are one of the best tactical boots proposed by the NORTIV 8.

These recommended tactical boots from the NORTIV 8 brands can be a commendable choice for all motorcycle lovers out there.

8. CQR

The discussion of the best brands of tactical boots will always remain incomplete without CQR. CQR is a U.K-based company that has been manufacturing fire and security products for the past three decades.

The notable products of CQR are tactical boots, jackets, pants, shirts, belts, face masks, socks, shorts, and more. The tactical boots of CQR are worthy of attention.

PROS: despite its considerable name in the market, CQR tactical boots have very attractive prices.

The best offering in the form of tactical boots from CQR is CQR Men’s Tactical Boots, Durable EDC Outdoor Work Boots.

No doubt these tactical boots from CQR are the best pick for outdoor work and more.

9. Bates

Bates is another elegant brand of tactical boots. Bates has been making high-quality footwear for more than four decades now. This is another wonderful U.S-based brand for tactical boots.

The tactical boots of Bates can be a great choice for the first responders and military personnel. The wide range of products that Bates makes are boots, shoes, socks, T-shirts, and more.

PROS: Bates brand of tactical boots have a proven record of nearly four decades in the field of tactical boots. Bates tactical boots are very lightweight and durable.

Bates Men’s 8″ Ultralite Tactical Sport Boots are one of the best tactical boots available.

These amazing tactical boots from Bates can be a gift for those who are regularly involved in various sports and military exercises and looking for durability.

10. Danner

Danner is one of the oldest footwear brands that make tactical boots. Danner brand was established in 1932 as a shoe manufacturer.

Danner is also a renowned U.S-based brand that has been doing a commendable job for a long time now. Danner also supplies the tactical boots to the U.S military and law enforcement.

Danner makes some great footwear and related accessories. Danner’s tactical boots are no doubt very trustworthy.

PROS: Danner’s reliability and credibility can be well-summarized from its supplies of tactical boots to the U.S military.

The most demanded tactical boots of the Danner are Danner Men’s Lookout Side-Zip 8″Black Tactical Boots.

These multi-purpose boots will firmly provide you comfort and ease during your patrol, hike, and more.

Who made the original tactical boots?

Nowadays, there are a plethora of brands that have made the original tactical boots and are still making very fine tactical boots.

However, a few brands can be given credit for making the original tactical boots for a long time now.

For instance, Danner and FILA are doing a commendable job in making original tactical boots. These brands of footwear have a history that extends to a century.

Danner is supplying the original tactical boots to the U.S military. Their credibility in making original tactical boots is huge.

Likewise, Original S.W.A.T, Under Armour, and 5.11 have been making very impressive original tactical boots.

These three brands have been successfully making original tactical boots for the past two decades. Their tactical boots are highly durable and fulfill the all requirements that a pair of original tactical boots must-have.

Who makes tactical boots with hooks and laces?

The good news for those who are looking for tactical boots with hooks and laces is that almost all mentioned brands make tactical boots with hooks and laces.

However, for the Original S.W.A.T brand, you might have to check its wide range of options to find out whether S.W.A.T makes tactical boots with hooks and laces.

As long as other mentioned brands of tactical boots are concerned, you will effortlessly find the tactical boots with hooks and laces. They all make tactical boots with hooks and laces.

What company makes interceptor tactical boots?

The Apex Global Brands company formerly known as Cherokee Global Brands makes interceptor tactical boots.

The company was formed some 50 years ago and currently operates in more than 140 countries with over 20000 retail locations.

Apex Global Brands has several registered brands that make different lifestyle consumer products.

One of their registered brands regarding tactical footwear is ‘Interceptor’. This interceptor brand of Apex Global Brands makes interceptor tactical boots.

Features of interceptor tactical boots are durable EVA midsole, quick response, athletic outsole, breathability, speed-lacing system, water-resistance, long shaft, and more.


It is definitely a difficult and tiring task to find out the most reliable brand of tactical boots.

You could have wasted a massive amount of time researching it in the market. Moreover, no one can deny that nothing can be more frustrating than investing hard-earned money on something that is good for nothing.

We thoroughly understood that feeling. This is the reason we have brought you the best brands of tactical boots.

The brands mentioned in the article enjoy a thorough reputation and make the best tactical boots. We hope you will find the perfect match for yourself.

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