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The 11 Best Insoles for Tactical Boots in 2022

Your happiness might perish when you find that your favorite pair of boots does not have comfortable insoles.

You want to wear your boots for a long time but you are afraid of the discomfort and pain they may bring at the end of the day.

Relax and don’t worry. We have got the solutions for you in all possible forms.

You don’t need to change your boots and put them in a bin, just change their insoles or place other insoles in your boots.

When it comes to tactical boots, the importance of insoles increases manyfold.

Tactical boots designed for safety and comfort purposes are more often used by people involved in heavy-duty jobs like the labor industry and law enforcement agencies.

Thus, it is very pivotal to have comfortable tactical boots.

In this regard, to make your tactical boots more comfortable, durable, and safe, we have come up with the best insoles for tactical boots.

Why should we use insoles?

Before we rush towards the 11 best insoles for tactical boots, it is necessary and important to properly understand the idea and importance of insoles.

There are several reasons that might compel you to put insoles in your tactical boots.

Comfort, safety, and protection from any possible foot complication are of utmost reasons that encourage us to use insoles in our boots.

Insoles offer a decent grip inside the boots and much-needed arch support.

There are plenty of fantastic tactical boots and various types of footwear that you will fall in love with, but it is not certain whether they provide you substantial arch support and do not cause any foot complications.

Here comes the importance of insoles. They offer substantial comfort and support to the heels and arch, provide our feet energy and save us from a bad odor caused by microbes.

Those who wear tactical boots might have to rush so many times in a day. For them, shock absorption is something they can never miss; insoles guarantee that shock absorption.

Besides, there are several reasons that motivate people to add insoles to their footwear.

Some want pain relief from foot problems like Morton’s neuroma or plantar fasciitis. Others want more energy to keep moving. Then there are amazing people who wear tactical boots for the long day and want to improve performance and comfort.

In a nutshell, you will surely come to know why the insoles are the better option, after diving through the benefits of insoles.

Benefits of using insoles

  • They provide extra comfort
  • Enhance the energy level
  • Reduce pain caused by the pressure on your feet
  • Improve the posture and balance of your feet
  • Eradicate the bad odor
  • Provide extra protection to your boots
  • Reduce the fatigue caused by the work, extra walk or running
  • Improve the fit of your boots. If your boots are wider and spacious, using insoles will make them better fit
  • Relieve, arch pain, plantar fasciitis pain, heel pain, and also reduce foot fatigue.
  • Enhance the durability of boots

The 11 Best Insoles for Tactical Boots

Insoles are made of different materials. Some are made of foam and leather whereas others involve gel.

Different kinds of insoles possess different features and they add distinctive values to your boots and feet.

Considering the features and construction of tactical boots and the job nature of those who wear tactical boots, we have shortlisted the 11 best insoles for tactical boots.

1. Best overall insoles for tactical boots

People who wear tactical boots all day face a lot more foot health problems than just a little thing. If you have experienced several Plantar Fasciitis, arch pains, discomfort and sliding feet while wearing boots, these FORM Premium Reinforced Insoles are just perfect for you.

REINFORCED - Comfort & Relief Insole
This product is part of a partnership between us and FORM, so if you buy the product through our affiliate link, enter the coupon code “FTGR25” to get 25% off – And you don’t have to bear any extra costs!.

Thanks to the high reinforced arch feature, it helps eliminate Plantar Fasciitis and arch pains, especially for high arches.

The deep heel cup design placed underside the heel and arch reshapes your feet properly while wearing. As a result, your foot pains and fatigue start to disappear gradually over time even without you realizing it.

The deep heel cups will also save you from sliding feet due to moisture and sweat inside all the way.

REINFORCED - Comfort & Relief Insoles
Click image for more info on FORM

I know lots of you are struggling with wet and shifting feet when wearing tactical boots in hot and moist conditions – which causes slippage, blisters, corns and discomfort. But that nightmare should get out of your way from now on.

Unlike many other cheap insoles around, these insoles are in no way spongy and flabby at all. Their shape remains stably after long wear and molds to the feet shape perfectly, which hold up very well and produce better support and comfort.

This is due to their structure featuring mainly EVA Foam and Polyurethane. However, keep in mind that EVA foam isn’t supposed to work as well as you’d expect for super heavy-duty performance/terrain.

But overall, this high density material ensures great levels of foot stability, comfort and wear resistance when at construction sites, hunting jobs, running and exercise activities for more than 12 hours a day.

What is more special? If the insole seems a bit stiff due to weather, don’t think of throwing these precious things straight in the trash. There is a heat-activated sticker on the bottom of the insoles.

And you can soften them so that it molds your feet better just by warming the insole in the microwave for around 2-3 minutes. It seems that the brand has taken great care of you in any case, doesn’t it?


  • Made from 80% EVA Foam, 19% Polyurethane, 1% Polyester for durability
  • Featuring deep heel cups/heel reinforcement for arch and heel support
  • The TemperWeave top sheet fabric for odor free and moisture wick
  • The special construction and structure molds the feet perfectly


  • You may need to trim down a little bit to fit a small boot shape.

2. Best tactical boot insoles for running

Dr. Scholl’s Performance Sized to Fit Running Insoles for Men & Women // Help Prevent Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints and Runner’s Knee
  • Sized to fit: no trimming required
  • ActivPerform Technology - Reduces shock impact by 40 percent to protect feet and knees
  • Size-Specific Arch - Optimal arch support provides precise motion control, helps maximize energy...

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Running with tactical boots is a quite regular job. To make it more comfortable and easy you can use Dr. Scholl’s Performance Sized to Fit Running Insoles for Men & Women.

These wonderful insoles have ActivPerform technology that reduces the impact of a shock to 40%. You probably need this support during running.

The maximum arch support provided by these insoles will help you retain your energy and maintain your natural style of running and walking.

The double-layer cushioning of these insoles is very energy-efficient and properly distributes the pressure from heel to toe.

The dimensions of this product are 13.2 x 5 x 2 inches with a weight of 9.14 Ounces.

Moreover, these insoles have Metatarsal Support Padding which will prevent nerve compression during running.

We all know that more pressure is exerted on the nerves while running; these insoles will prevent that nerve compression.

Go and run an extra mile with these wonderful insoles in your tactical boots.


  • ActivPerform technology to reduce shock impact
  • Optimal arch support
  • Energy-efficient double layer cushioning
  • Metatarsal Support Padding
  • Specially designed for the runners
  • No trimming is required


  • Weight is above the average weight of insoles

3. Best tactical boot insoles for fatigue reduction

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Walking, running, and working with tactical boots on your feet will always bring some fatigue.

However, if the right insole is used, fatigue can be minimized to a substantial extent.

In this regard, you can go for Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole for your tactical boots.

These insoles possess inverted cone foam that is perfect for shock absorbency and also returns the energy back to the foot.

Furthermore, these insoles are orthotic and also possess synthetic soles. Synthetic soles enhance their durability.

The engineered fatigue reduction quality of these insoles can enhance your work performance to a greater extent.

The dimensions of the product are 11.1 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches with a weight of 7.2 Ounces.

These insoles are very compatible with different kinds of footwear. You can easily use them with different types of footwear that you have.

Your feet deserve much-needed ease. Make your tactical boots valuable with these best tactical boots insole for fatigue reduction.


  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Inverted cone foam for shock absorbance
  • Ortholite insoles
  • Synthetic soles
  • Highly comfortable and durable
  • Compatible with a different type of soles


  • These insoles might make the boots tight

4. Best tactical boot insoles with great arch support

Powerstep Pinnacle Insole, Blue, Men's Size 14-15
  • The Pinnacle Full length insoles provide maximum cushioning, from high activity to moderate support....
  • When you spend all day on your feet, every step counts. Powerstep Pinnacle insoles are a...
  • The Pinnacle insoles offer superior heel cushioning and arch support. The dual-layer cushioning is...

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If you are looking for the best tactical boot insoles for great arch support then PowerStep Pinnacle, Signature Arch, and Supportive Insoles will be the best option for you.

These wonderful insoles are anti-microbial and effectively prevent the growth of any unwanted bacteria and other microorganisms.

These insoles have EVA foam soles with dual-layered cushioning for comfort and better arch support.

The arch support of these insoles is semi-rigid; a little hard but flexible at the same time; this provides better stability and motion control.

The dimensions of the product are 14 x 4.5 x 2 inches with a weight of 4.16 Ounces.

One of the most notable qualities of these insoles is their ability to support all types of arches. No matter if it’s low, high, or neutral.

Tactical boots with improper arch support can be a liability; therefore, make sure your tactical boots have insoles that provide decent arch support.


  • Anti-microbial
  • EVA foam with dual-layered cushioning
  • Semi-rigid arch support
  • Prevents any bad odor
  • Supports all types of arches
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • They might not be that durable if you use them for heavy-duty work

5. Best tactical boot insoles for people who suffer from foot odor

Dr. Scholl's ULTRACOOL Insoles // Triple Action: Odor Protection with Activated Charcoal, Cooling with Vents and Supportive Cushioning for All-Day Comfort (for Men's 8-13)
  • Designed for people who suffer from foot odor and experience discomfort in their feet during the day
  • Built with Odor-X Technology, to help keep feet cool, comfortable and odor free
  • Aircool Vents - Honeycomb design and breathable wicking top cloth promotes airflow to help your feet...

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Apart from irritation, foot odor can be a great cause of embarrassment sometimes. I’m sure you don’t want that. If you want to eradicate the foot odor from your life, put these insoles in your tactical boots.

These insoles have Odor-X technology. This technology will prevent your feet from bad odor and keep your foot cool and comfortable.

These insoles have a honeycomb design and breathable wicking cloth that promote airflow and keep your feet dry and cool.

Furthermore, these insoles are trim to fit. You can trim them according to your whims and wishes.

The dimensions of the product are 4.99 x 2.36 x 14.33 inches with a weight of  6.38 Ounces.

Another wonderful quality of these boots is their compatibility. You can use them on any type of footwear.

Their attractive price is also another thing one can count on.

Surely it is difficult to doubt the credibility of Dr. Scholl’s Comfort and Energy UltraCool Insoles with such qualities.


  • Odor-X technology for the odor-reduction
  • Honeycomb design
  • Breathable wicking cloth
  • Attractive prices
  • Compatible with any footwear
  • Trim to fit


  • These insoles might make the boots tighter

6. Best tactical boot insoles for big guys

Dr. Scholl's Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics, Designed for Men over 200lbs with Technology to Distribute Weight and Absorb Shock with Every Step (for Men's 8-14)
  • Designed for men over 200 pounds who suffer from lower back pain and foot & leg fatigue from being...
  • Arch guard plus shock guard technology distributes weight and reduces impact
  • Relieves lower back pain and foot & leg fatigue from being on your feet ; Specially designed for men...

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Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics, Designed for Men over 200lbs is not less than a piece of good news for all the hulks out there.

Shock-guard and arch-guard technology of these insoles distribute weight equally and reduce back pain, and foot and leg fatigue.

These insoles can easily fit in any type of footwear. They are trim to fit; so you don’t have to worry about the sizes.

The dimensions of this product are 4.55 x 2.32 x 13.85 inches with a weight of 7.04 Ounces.

Furthermore, these insoles are orthotic insoles.

With these best insoles for the tactical boots, you will realize that your giant size is a blessing, not a liability.


  • Distributes weight equally
  • Reduces back pain, foot and leg fatigue
  • Compatible with all footwears
  • Trim to fit
  • Arch guard and shock absorption technology
  • Orthotic insoles


  • Heel cushioning is thin

7. Best tactical boot insoles for high arches

Superfeet GREEN - High Arch Orthotic Support - Cut-To-Fit Shoe Insoles - Men 7.5-9 / Women 8.5-10
  • Cut to Fit: Superfeet insoles are made to be trimmed to fit your shoe; Follow cutting instructions...
  • High Arch and Wide, Deep Heel Cup: Helps stabilize and reduce stress on feet, ankles and back; These...
  • Durable Orthotic Shoe Insoles: For reliable support and comfort for up to 12 months or 500 miles

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Here is the best insole for the tactical boots for the high archers. They are Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade High Arch Support.

The high-density foam of these insoles makes them very relevant and useful for high arches.

As a base, these insoles have stabilizer caps below the foam that provide stability to these insoles.

Like many other insoles, they are also trim to fit size insoles.

Moreover, these tactical boot insoles for high arches give deep and wide heel cups for substantial support. Besides, they also help in shock absorption.

The dimensions of this product are 12.5 x 4.3 x 1.7 inches with a lightweight of 3.2 Ounces.

The high-profile shape of the arch helps in stabilizing the feet and relieves the stress and exertion of ankles and knees.

Moreover, these insoles are made of 100% man-made material.

Give your high arch well-deserved support with these insoles inside your tactical boots.


  • High-density foam
  • Stabilizer base
  • Trim to fit
  • Wide and deep heel cups
  • The high-profile shape of the arch
  • 100% man-made material


  • Take some time to make you feel comfortable with your tactical boots

8. Best tactical boot insoles for heavy-duty jobs

Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles, Men's 14-15.5
  • Spenco rigid arch-support insoles for stability
  • For athletes looking for rigid support
  • Improves motion control to reduce over-pronation

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There is an inextricable bond between tactical boots and heavy-duty jobs. The majority of people who wear tactical boots regularly are involved in heavy-duty jobs. For them, Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles are the best pick.

The most notable and commendable quality of these insoles is their distinctive arch support. Their rigid arch support stabilizes the feet easily.

For all those with tactical boots who desire substantial arch support, these insoles will do the work for them.

Moreover, these insoles are excellent in controlling the over-pronation of the foot and motion control.

Besides, the heel support of these insoles for tactical boots is also impressive.

The dimensions of the product are 15 x 4 x 1.5 inches with a weight of 7.83 Ounces.

The big news is that these insoles come with a one-year unconditional guarantee.

Make your tough and demanding job a bit easy and comfortable with these best insoles for tactical boot for heavy-duty jobs.


  • Advance arch support
  • Controls over-pronation of the foot
  • Impressive heel support
  • One year unconditional guarantee
  • Provides decent motion control
  • Very durable


  • Not much flexible

9. Best tactical boot insoles for hiking

Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Carbon Fiber Orthotic Support Insoles - Pine - Unisex - 9.5-11 Men / 10.5-12 Women
  • EVOLyte Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Cap: EVOLyte carbon fiber stabilizer cap and shape of these hiking,...
  • Aerospring Ascent Dual Comfort Foam: Superfeet hiking insoles reduce fatigue and provide reliable...
  • Deep, Slim Heel Cup: Insole shape keeps the foot in place, minimizing shifting, hotspots, and sore...

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How can we miss the hikers? Here are the best tactical boot insoles for hiking; they are Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Insoles.

These insoles are designed for hiking. They offer reliable support and a decent grip inside the boots. Besides, their fatigue reduction quality cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, these insoles are excellent for any arch height.

Their deep heel cups provide good support and grip to the heels.

The dimensions of this product are 4.38 x 1.63 x 13.63 inches with a weight of 5.29 Ounces.

The heel impact technology of these insoles will prevent your heels from any exertions caused by the ascent and descent. This technology will be a great aid during your hike.

Moreover, the construction of these insoles is also very praiseworthy. The soles won’t change their shape for at least 1-year usage or 500-mile movement.

Hiking requires passion, stamina, and comfortable boots. These insoles will surely fulfill your boots requirement.


  • Reduce fatigue and offer decent support
  • Deep heel cups
  • Good for any arch height
  • Heel impact technology
  • Odor control technology
  • Formidable construction


  • Heel cups might be a little narrow for those having wide heels

10. Best tactical boot insoles with extra comfort

KEEN Utility mens K-20 Insole With Extra Cushion for Neutral Arches Accessories, Black, L US
  • Cushioning & Fit: A Premium, Thick, Full Length Shock Absorbing Material Evenly Cushions The Entire...
  • Heel Stability: A Heel Cup Centers And Aligns The Heel And Foot, Improving Alignment From Heel...
  • Anti-Odor Technology: Features Cleansport Nxt (A Trademark Of The Stewart Group); A Quick Drying,...

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Here is the perfect pair of insoles that offer reliable comfort. They are KEEN Utility Men’s K-20 Insoles.

These water-resistant insoles are 100% synthetic; such features clearly tell us about their durability.

These insoles have high-rebound foam that redistributes the energy to the foot.

With their impressive cushioning, these insoles for tactical boots provide perfect shock absorption.

Deep heel cups provide excellent stability and support to the arch. Besides, they have anti-odor technology.

The product dimensions are 14 x 4 x 1 inches with a weight of 4.97 Ounces.

Moreover, these wonderful insoles have very attractive prices.

Make your tactical boots the most comfortable boots with KEEN Utility Men’s K-20 Insoles.


  • Water-resistant
  • 100% synthetic
  • High-rebound foam
  • Full-length shock-absorbing cushioning
  • Deep heel cups
  • Anti-odor technology


  • Not good for all heights of the arch

11. Best tactical boot insoles with affordable prices

Profoot Original Miracle Custom Molding Orthotic Insoles, Men's 8-13, 1 Pair
  • Custom Fit Orthotic: This insole's unique design molds exactly to the shape of your feet to ease...
  • Optimum Support: Lightweight triple-custom layers provide ideal comfort and optimum support at the...
  • For Your Foot Health: Try all of our foot care products including custom inserts, foot cushions,...

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If you are looking for the most affordable comfort, PROFOOT Original Miracle Insole will be the finest pick for your tactical boots.

The design of these insoles is very unique and will swiftly mold these insoles according to the shape of your feet. Their design plays a vital role in providing comfort.

These ultra-light insoles have double layers. Besides, they adjust very easily with different types of footwear.

For the arch and heel support, these insoles have a shock-absorbing base with substantial cushioning.

The product dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 inches; with a weight of just 2.47 Ounces.

The relief that these EVA foam insoles offer to your feet is also commendable.

It is truly amazing to find an insole with these praiseworthy features and reviews at such affordable prices.


  • Mold quickly to the shape of the foot
  • Compatible with many footwears
  • Ultra-light double-layered EVA foam insoles
  • Shock-absorbing base
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Not easily washable

Do insoles hurt at first?

Your new insoles might hurt you at first unless they fit you properly and get molded according to your foot and your movement. On average, the insoles stop hurting your feet within two to four weeks.

However, it is not the case all the time.

Your new insoles might not hurt you when you start wearing them.

Whereas, if they do and you feel very uncomfortable in them even after using them for a couple of weeks, they are probably not the best choice for your feet. You must change them.

Consider it a rule of thumb, if your new insoles hurt you for more than four weeks, remove them, change them, don’t use them anymore.

They probably will cause some other foot complications rather than getting better after a few days.

You might not know why the new insoles hurt you. Whether it is the pain caused by the rehabilitation process or you have grabbed the wrong pair. So it is always wise to get them off and consult the specialist.

So if your insoles hurt you for more than a couple of weeks, get rid of them, don’t wait, or think they will be better after a few days and won’t hurt you later.

Here is a tip for you. According to Podiatrist Streve Stredulinsky, if you want to break in your new orthotics, wear them for an hour on the first day and for two hours on the second day. Keeping doing it for two weeks.

Dr further suggests if things are going well and your new insoles do not hurt you, keep on wearing them. You can wear them for the entire day.

Keep one thing in your heart and mind. Your insoles are only good if you wear them with the right pair of tactical boots.

How do I know if I need insoles?

It isn’t that difficult or tricky to know whether you need an insole or not. There are several things that will help you realize that you need some decent insoles for your tactical boots.

If your heels are burning when you get off your boots after a long day, you need insoles.

If you feel uncomfortable in your favorite pair you probably need insoles. Besides, if you cannot tolerate any bad odor caused by microbes you must get insoles for yourself.

Likewise, if there is too much room in your tactical boots, you can have a pair of insoles for your boots.

Similarly, when you realize that the balls of your feet are aching, you better buy some relevant insoles for yourself.

People with big heels also need insoles in their boots. Also, if your feet slip inside your boots then you need insoles to provide a grip to your feet.

Besides, those who have flat feet or high arch, also need some good and relevant insoles.

For flat feet, insoles are necessary because they provide shock absorption to vulnerable flat feet and help in balancing. Likewise, arch support is also provided through insoles to those who have flat feet.

Similarly, if you have a high arch, you need insoles because your boots might not provide substantial arch support.

For high arches, insoles are required because they will relieve the stress from the balls of feet and heels.

Moreover, if you are confused about whether to get an insole or not, you definitely need an insole.

What’s better gel or memory foam insoles?

Insoles come in different forms and are made of different things. For instance, there are gel insoles, memory foam insoles, foam insoles, leather insoles, air-cushioned insoles, and more.

Different types of insoles are used for different purposes. The comparison might not make any sense. There are some differences though.

1. Gel insoles for tactical boots

Gel insoles will be a decent aid to those who have too big heels and are involved in the high-intensity routine.

As gel insoles relieve pain and increase grip, prevent slipping and proffer shock-absorption.

Gel insoles also distribute your weight equally so that no specific part of your foot witnesses more pressure and strain.

Gel insoles have a remarkable capacity to absorb shocks. This is the reason gel insoles are more often opted by people involved in running, jumping, or in court sports.

Most athletes and sportsperson use gel insoles because the gel insoles will absorb much of the impact of shocks and increase energy return and also decrease foot fatigue.

Benefits of gel insoles

  • Absorb shock better than other insoles
  • Redistribute weight throughout your boots
  • Very durable
  • Easily available in various sized

Disadvantages of gel insoles

  • Might cause moisture in your boots
  • Little expensive

2. Memory foam insoles for tactical boots

For those who do not have a long routine in their tactical boots, memory foam could be a decent option.

If you want lightweight, less rigid, and soft insoles, memory foam insoles will work for you.

Besides, memory foam insoles get molded quickly according to your foot structure.

All people involved in various activities who seek a soft layer of cushioning, can use memory foam insoles.

Benefits of memory foam insoles

  • Memory foam insoles get molded quickly to the shape of the foot
  • Lightweight and thin insoles
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Flexible

Disadvantages of memory foam insoles

  • Might wear out quickly
  • Memory foam insoles may cause sweating

What are the best insoles for being on your feet all day?

If you are on your feet all day then your insoles must have the following features.

The insoles must address all the key parts of your foot like forefoot, midsole, arch & heel.

The insoles must have the quality of reducing muscle fatigue which surely will be an issue if you are standing all day.

Besides, their cushioning and arch support must be uncompromising.

Those who are involved in a kind of job that requires long-standing days like security guards, superstore helper, and more can refer to these mentioned insoles. These insoles will surely be massive aid and relief.

Dr. Scholl’s Energizing Comfort Massaging Gel Insoles All-Day Comfort that Allows You to Stay on Your Feet Longer (for Women's 6-10, also Available for Men's 8-14)
  • Designed for people with foot discomfort and foot and leg fatigue
  • Made with Massaging Gel Technology, they double the comfort in your shoes, for those with foot...
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs

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Are orthopedic insoles worth it?

Orthopedic insoles have some valuable features and they are worth it. Provided that, you have bought the right one for yourself.

The fact that makes orthopedic insoles worthy is their quality to correct the orientation of your arch. Besides, orthopedic insoles improve imbalance and postural defects.

They are worth it because they have the capacity to reduce the foot pain induced by the pressure and enhance comfort simultaneously.

You will find the deep heel cup of the orthopedic insoles, properly padded with cushioning foam.

All such remarkable features show that they are worth your bugs.

Which insoles do podiatrists recommend?

This is probably the most common and frequent question podiatrists get to hear. Realistically, there is no insole on the surface of the planet that fits all problems.

According to Dr. David Eardley, a leading Podiatrist at the North East Foot Centre, it’s very difficult to advise an insole to people without knowing causative factors, history of their pain, or without having an opportunity to examine them.

Thus, if someone is facing any specific issue related to their feet, it is always better to consult the podiatrists to get their suggestions regarding the perfect insoles for yourself.

Considering your history and complications related to your foot if any, podiatrists may recommend a customized insole for you.

Here is a tip for you. If you get customized insoles and they hurt you at the start, don’t panic, customized insoles might feel a little uncomfortable at the start.

As they are designed to change the way you stand or walk, they might cause some discomfort to some muscle tissues at the start.

Keep wearing them, it will be fine soon.

Can you put insoles on top of insoles?

Yes, of course you can put your new insoles on the top of the insoles of your tactical boots.

As long as you do not face any sizing issue regarding the tightness of your tactical boots, you can put insoles on the top of the insoles.

Without any doubt, you can place insoles or orthotics on the insoles of your tactical boots as long as your boots do not feel too tight.


It is difficult to realize the importance of insoles. Most people ignore the use of insoles without understanding that they are jeopardizing their own health.

Good insoles offer so much to us that we can’t be thankful enough. They offer us comfort, energy, and safety against so many foot problems.

For those who are wearing tactical boots, it’s even more necessary for them to have some useful insoles in their tactical boots.

It is impossible to build a healthy and happy life without fortifying and loving your feet. Gift your feet much-needed comfort and safety. Go grab a pair of suitable insoles for yourself.

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